Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ever Get Excited by a Pile of Dirt?

I do!

Nine years ago (December 2002), Hubby and I purchased the Yellow Cottage.  The previous owners, dear friends of ours, insisted on giving us a run-down of every wart and potential disaster on the property.  Full disclosure was NOT a problem here.  One of the major projects they swore should be the next on our list was a complete re-do of the driveway.  Knowing they were right we eliminated any care and feeding of the current cracked, pitted, and shredded driveway.   But then...we never did the big project.

Until now!
Big pile o' dirt!

Grading to avoid any stormwater draining into house.

Leveling and tearing out of old railroad tie retaining wall (to be replace by natural rock wall)

Shovel, shovel.  And finally that old rusty b-ball hoop coming down!

Looking better already.  Luckily they haven't destroyed my overhanging trees...yet.

And what is the best part about this project?  Well...I suppose...that I'm out of town while it is underway.  I'll be joining the pain of parking a block away soon however since it will be 2-3 weeks before it is complete.


michiganme said...

We always had broken, cracked & cobbled driveways until we moved last winter. The best part?shoveling snow is a lot easier.

Wow, you have a long driveway, it looks like a scenic drive. MIME

Kate Hanley said...

I now have driveway envy. Our driveway is, I mean was stone until it got completely grown over by grass and weeds. It's on the to-do list but pretty far down. Awesome you guys did this!