Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Taking a Break

Hubby and I are taking a break.

No...not from each other. From work.

We decided we needed to carve out some time to just be. At home. Together. We think of it as the weekend we never seem to get.

Right now, we've carved out one solid week. But I know it will get trimmed a bit around the edges by our work. And that's o.k. Our goal is just to have the majority of the week to ourselves.

Of course, I am already planning on what to do for that week and so far my list looks like this:
  1. Paint upstairs bathroom.
  2. Birthday lunch and "Sex and the City" with Terry!
  3. Shampoo bedroom rug.
  4. Shop for new bedroom rug!
  5. Weed garden.
  6. Swim and lounge in pool!
  7. Weed flagstone pathway.
  8. Nap on Hammock!
  9. Replace dying evergreen shrub.
  10. Romantic dinner with Hubby at Marcello's!
  11. Closet organizer for front hall closet.
  12. Ice Cream cone from Temptations and People Watching at River Park in Nyack!
  13. Filler sand for patio and walk.
  14. Long drive through Harriman Park for Sunset views!
  15. Paint mailbox.
  16. Antiquing in Rhinebeck!
  17. Journaling for Wedding Scrapbook before A's Mom kills me.
  18. Movie Night with Hubby, with buttered popcorn!
  19. Join Town Gym? Join Yoga Class? Take a god-damn walk at least.
  20. Read a book. Read another book. Read a third book!!
  21. Wash Cars inside and out.
  22. Test drive new cars!

What do you think....odds or evens more likely to happen?


KiKi said...

Hmmm, even though you claim to be taking a "break" from work, you've still managed to mix work in that schedule. Oh, you meant your day jobs. Gah... just kick back and relax all week long, dammit! It ends way too fast...

Mrs. G. said...

Sounds lovely-enjoy your time together.

Jo said...

That's a break? LOL

I hope you will at least sleep in every day. :-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is one long list. Are you sure you don't want to earmark at least one day for nothing?!

Rhea said...

Your list sounds amazing. I think you will get through most of it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I would be going for the "evens" but that's just me. :) A week with hubby sounds amazing. Good for you guys for doing this!

Mama Lou said...

I have been wanting this for you for a long time. I am so happy you are doing it but do more fun things than the work projects. Remember the weekends are what that is for--just kidding abou the weekend!!

Boogaloo Dude said...

Guess what Wenderina? I'm taking a break from work forever! I blogged about it.

(We finally found the perfect place upstate!)

A's Mom said...

Although I'd love to get the journaling for your album, I agree with smilf about only going for the even ones. Enjoy your week-weekend!

That Chick Over There said...

If you accomplish all that? Well, I owe you a cookie.

And there's not enough nookie on that list.