Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three Hours in an Airport

The random thoughts, observations, and actions of a traveller trapped between flights in the Charlotte airport.

Lurking around the gates until I find a seat near a plug so I can work (or more likely play) on my laptop.

Eating really really really bad fast food that I fear will be a bad idea once I am trapped on a tiny plane on my way home. {Picture oxygen mask dropping down suddenly to save the passengers}

Glare at lazy airport workers who have been sitting in the row next to me gabbing for 1.5 hours doing no work and helping no one. Unions be damned.

Make lists in my head. Yes I know I have pen and paper...and laptop...but lists in my head is ever so much more effective NOT.

Contemplate how short shorts can be before they are technically underwear. It seems to be a fine line these days.

Listen to the phone ring every 5 minutes at the gate desk where NO ONE IS WORKING. However, note the gang of non-working employees sitting ONE ROW AWAY who are not

Watch crazy high school girls who are playing on the people mover - Round 1 - walking the wrong way on the mover (minor offense); Round 2 - take airport supplied wheelchair on people mover (minor offense +1); Round 3 - stand like a surfer on the seat of the airport supplied wheelchair while riding on the people mover while screaming "secuuurity" in a bizarre accent (we are approaching a seious offense here) ...they are annoying, but distracting. BTW, they are the girls wearing the really short shorts too.

Hey - I sincerely think I just saw the Geico caveman go buy on the people mover. Life imitating art?

Wish for the 1,000,000th time that I had a camera in my head...or at least a pocket-sized digital so I can record this shit. No one ever believes me.

Is there such a thing as a punk-preppy-gansta? I swear a guy with a mohawk hairstyle (the peak died teal) a teal izod shirt with popped collar, and teal/gray madras plaid surfer shorts pulled halfway down his ass, and an ipod in his ear just rode by. Really!

I'm listening to the airport security announcement for the umpteenth time. Do they really think that announcing that you shouldn't leave your bag alone or carry unknown bags onto a plane really makes us safer?

CRAP! Wonder why I can never find the undo button after I've deleted half my blog entry.

Notice 8 Latin goofballs laughing hysterically and acting a little crazy - yeah - I think they are going to be getting on my plane. Fun.

A man walking by with a backpack is "clinking" with every step. It reminds me of the sound my mess kit used to make when I was a campfire girl. Wonder what he has that makes that noise?

Geico caveman just walked by lie...he looks just like the guys in that commercial.

Who ever decided to add flashing lights to kids sneakers? Do they have a purpose? Are they so 4 year olds who might be jogging in the dark can be seen by drivers?

How can women travel in spaghetti strap tops, short shorts, and thong sandals? Don't they freeze to death on the plane? O.K. so I'm wearing sandals, but I also have on long pants, a sweater, and a wrap and I'm cold. Is it simply because their hotness (as in Whoa Hot Mamma), translates into true heat?

Plane is boarding. Woo hoo!


KiKi said...

{Picture oxygen mask dropping down suddenly to save the passengers}. LMAO!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This sounds like exactly what I did at Terrible's Resort and Casino reststop last night--people watch!