Thursday, April 23, 2009

Elvis Has Left the Building

Ok, so this only works if you think of Elvis as a dorky brainiac engineer or scientist who sits at the top of the pyramid that is my company. But anyway, Elvis, yeah, he's out. Since there are only about 5 women in the top positions of my company, I think of them generally as "he's" and they are all on their way to the annual shareholder's meeting.

The last several weeks have been nightmares of reporting, researching, and preparation for this 1.25 day event. Our team was responsible for completing the annual year in review presentation/video, the annual report, strategic summaries and presentations, proclamations for retirees, etc. And what typically happens when all of these guys gather is they pack in a bunch of other mini-meetings that all need research, reporting, and prep as well. Much of the content is considered confidential or proprietary and so it is difficult to delegate this work. There are short lists of trusted staff who are in the loop and I'm in the thick of that.

It's an honor and a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS all at the same time. Come to think of it, it's mostly the 2nd thing, because the honor thing wears off as you get tired and as you deal with the hassle of knowing stuff that seems like a big deal, but more often than not fizzles out in the long run.

I decided to take stock of the last few weeks and I've figured out that I have:
  • participated in more than 100 meetings since March 1st,
  • had 8 conference calls in late evenings to accommodate international time zones,
  • worked on average 57 hours/week (while getting salary pay),
  • prepared 26 individual full-blow strategic presentations,
  • drafted 8 staff news items (most of which are still awaiting approvals),
  • created strategies for 4 major conference events,
  • signed off on more than $200k in expenditures,
  • prepared salary and performance reviews for 8 staff members,
  • delivered one negative review including all pertinent Employee Relations activities,
  • sent over 1600 emails, received a similar number and processed
  • completed one semester of grad school,
  • joined gym and worked out 17 times (including once with trainer)
  • and posted 21 entries to this blog.

Shit. No wonder I'm so beat. Thank God Elvis has left the building.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Rest up for next year!

AmyBow said...

you are so awesome. in case you didn't know, I want to be you when i grow up (well, except during the month leading up to the shareholder's meeting, then i am okay being little ole me)

KiKi said...

O>>>>>M>>>>>G. Awesome ain't the word.

I started to type "and it's only the first quarter" when I reread and saw you wrote in the "last few weeks." WOW........ I admire, love, and don't aspire to be you, EVER. I almost fainted from exhaustion just reading this.

Pat said...

TOO MUCH!!! Take care of yourself.

Mama Lou said...

I agree with Pat!! You deserve a good long rest and hope that comes when i visit. We do not have to run around every day but just enjoy doing nothing. Also your trip to Bermuda hopefully will not include your laptop or any connection to work.

Chelle said...

Maude checked out too!