Monday, April 19, 2010


I had my review today.  And I'm very happy...sort of.  The review was great - I got great feedback and all the areas for improvement were constructive and directed me toward next career steps. 

Comments that make me blush...
  • Smart, articulate, insightful, creative
  • Not afraid to voice her opinions - and they are on the mark and helpful
  • Has a point of view which we value
  • Organized and frank
  • Extraordinary work eithic
  • Brings a different perspective to a debate
  • Performed above and beyond expectation
And then the other side of the story....

No raise in 2010.
No promotion in 2010.

Damn this economy already.

Maybe I'm just feeling too secure that the MERGER will not kick me to the curb.  Since fear is no longer a motivating factor....I'm looking for the more traditional money. In today's economy, when so many are so worse off, are you motivated simply by being employed?  Is it selfish to want compensation for working harder than you ever have before when your peers are just trying to get health insurance again?

I don't want to sound like I'm de-motivated, but it does come down to some of those age-old debates.  If you put in all the time and effort and the other person in the company who is 9-4ing it, doing the minimal and still goes home with the same raise as you, what is the impetus to do what you are doing?

I guess I'll have to find the motivating factor soon, because tomorrow I have to deliver the same message to three of my senior staff.  All with positive reviews....all working hard....all getting no raise, no promotion.


Kate Hanley said...

Oh that sucks. My husband had to tell his staff they weren't getting much in the way of raises. He had to forgo his in order than his subordinates got at least something. By the way, I checked out Shakespeare on Twitter and I think it's hilarious! Have you seen the YouTube video of Juliet's sassy gay friend? I may have to post it on my blog.

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

Compliments are great, but a little extra money would be nice, too!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'd say that this year I'd be grateful with the job--if the company's bottom line matched the situation. If they're just using it as an excuse that would be hard to swallow.

What fantastic compliments. You should feel proud of yourself.