Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Theory: It's All a Conspiracy

Recently our cable system went fully digital and High Definition.  Didn't really matter much to us, we thought, since we don't have high def tvs yet.  We are waiting for the tvs we own to crap out before investing in a flat panel high def version.

But since the conversion - this is what we see on our screen:

Notice the large black box surrounding the television picture?  I have tried multiple settings to return the image to full screen to no avail.  This is simply what we get on most shows nowadays...

I think it is all a conspiracy with the television manufacturers and the owners of the airwaves.  They want us to buy new tv's not when our existing systems die off, but now. Right now. 

I'm stubbornly refusing to go along for the ride.  But this mini-screen view is really starting to tick me off.


Kate Hanley said...

That is annoying. BTW, I love the fact that you're watching The West Wing. I hope the black frame goes away soon.

A's Mom said...

Especially if you have a 13 inch tv that would really suck.

Jude said...

Call the cable company - there is a setting on their remote. I even get this on my 32" flat it doesn't matter what tv you have...but it is a conspiracy...cable companies do what they want - not what we want...even though we are paying them for service!