Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trying to Get Motivated

So Hubby did me a huge fav this morning.  He took the cats to the vet and let me stay home.  All week we've been talking about taking both cats in meant all hands on deck.  Then last night I came home in a manic craze thinking about the amount of work I have to do (for the job).  When he first offered to take the cats in alone I refused because I just knew that I would waste the time at home anyway and wouldn't engage in work.  It is my perfect procrastination pose, you see.  But this morning, he insisted.

And so as I waved goodbye to the mewling two in the back and the smiling one in the front I tried to get motivated to work.  To make the latter portion of the weekend can be about relaxation.  And I came indoors and decided first I MUST have something to drink.  I made a pitcher of ice tea.  Then, I MUST unload the dishwasher because I needed one glass for the ice tea.  Then I MUST have something to eat too, so I made some toast and fruit.  OK, getting real now.  Take the laptop out and plug it in.  Then I MUST find some inspiring i-tunes to get me going.  And then I MUST just check in on my blog reader. Ok, getting really real dammit.  But just one more thing.  I MUST post a blog about getting to work.

Wonder if I can find anything else to do before I actually get real.


Anonymous said...

I procrastinate too whenever I bring work home - which begs the question, why do I do that? Why don't I just bite the bullet and stay late at work a couple of days till the paperwork (because it's ALWAYS paperwork!) gets done? Where did I ever get the idea that I could work efficiently at home?!

mkosboth said...

Mmmm, iced tea. Check! Distraction from doing real work, CHECK! Cleaning my house, nope.

Kate Hanley said...

I hear you. I ALWAYS have a case of the "I don't wannas" Also loved the post about Why Men Hate Us!

The Iselin Times said...

lol - that's me too