Monday, August 23, 2010

Buon giorno. Piacere di conosclera.

According to my Italian phrase book...that means Hello (Good Day), How do you do, pleased to meet you.

I'm boning up...cuz the flights are booked and the lodging is booked...and only 20 days after we return from Cape Cod we're winging our way across the Atlantic to Italy.

It's the big three - Rome, Florence, Venice....

We begin with three nights in Rome staying here: (nope....double booked...ah the joys of internet travel we'll be HERE.
"Elegant and spacious 2 storey townhouse in Rome dating back to the beginning of the 1900s, with 2 bedrooms and two splendid terraces, located in a quiet private alley in the heart of the San Lorenzo area, a few steps from Termini railway station."

Love the poster!

Then two nights in Florence, staying here:
"Constructed in the 15th century (THE 15th Century you know nothing Americans!), Palazzo Salviati is a classic example of late Medieval Florentine architecture and is protected by the Belle Arti (Ministry of Culture). The splendid stone facade, the magnificent serena stone staircase and the 15th Century frescoes are just some of the main characteristics of this wonderful building. The spectacular terraces offer a unique panorama of the city."

And finally four nights in Venice, staying here:
"A noble beginning of the Fifteenth century building (Again with the 15h century...), located in a very pleasant area of Venice, a short distance from piazzale Roma, the University, Chiesa dei Frari church, campo Santa Margherita and from the Gallerie dell'Accademia, Hotel Al Sole welcomes you amongst typical Venetian atmospheres and modern comforts. Delightful indoor garden, a real privilege for a hotel in Venice, classic, superior and junior suite rooms, make Hotel Al Sole one of the most pleasant 3 star hotels in Venice."

I'm never coming home.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's going to be amazing.

Mama Lou said...

Fantastic finds and know you will just love all of it.

preserving insanity.. said...

Hey, Chanced upon your blog.. Just got back from a trip to Italy and all I can say is - Italy has the type of places from where you have to Make Yourself Come Back Home.. It's beyond awesome.

We were there in July-August for about 12 days. If you need any information, you can email me. I'll be happy to help.

AmyBow said...

so so awesome.