Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Yes Wenderina, You are a Grown Up Now and That's What Grown Up Furniture Costs"

At the whopping age of 44, I have purchased my very first grown-up piece of furniture (according to my BFF Terry).  Her direct quote makes the title of this post.

Simple and sleek, this couch (plus a few inches and a few throw pillows) will be coming to live with me in about 10-12 weeks.  And where did I find this precious piece of artwork that I can sit on?  Yes, you guessed it, at that very grown-up store with the very grown-up prices - Ethan Allen.

I heart Ethan Allen.

I always have hearted Ethan Allen.

I have never walked into an Ethan Allen before as I just knew I could never walk out with anything except a very green with envy complexion for those who can afford to shop there.

I had to do some deep breathing, and I do have to recognize this couch cost more than my entire living room set of two couches a side chair and an ottoman did the last time I shopped.  But those pieces have almost all invariably and literally fallen to pieces with shredded fabric and stuffing.  I was assured by the very classy lady in pearls who helped me pick out fabrics, I will never experience that end with this couch. 

To complicate matters, I - of course - fell in love with a very expensive fabric....(on left)

...that I smartly used for 2 of the 4 throw pillows instead of the entire couch.  The fabric on right (which didn't come out right in photo) is a herring bone heavy wear fabric that is NOT white (Really! it is like a taupe and tan herring bone) and will be the body of the couch and the other two pillows.

All in all - I came in just at/slightly over with tax budget.  And I think I love it.  So now the only problem is I feel the need to change out my window treatments, the ottoman, the coffee table, and maybe even the rug.  But I think I'll try some of the less grown-up stores for those....maybe.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Gorgeous! I decided to buy college educations instead of Ethan Allen. Sigh. Maybe someday!

Kate Hanley said...

Great couch and I know exactly how you feel. For a long, long time my husband described our style as "early 1970's garage sale." I felt grown up when I purchased an entire set of cutlery for everyday use.

Anonymous said...

Oooh - lovely couch! You won't regret spending all the money, I'm sure of it! (Not that I would know anything about buying lovely furniture at the moment: I'm currently stuck in buying appliances!)

Unknown said...

That is always the problem. The domino effect of decorated! P.S. the couch is GREAT!

Jane- 2 of 7 said...

The couch is gorgeous! My living room consists of several pieces of furniture, only one having been bought first hand. And I was fortunate enough to have an extremely talented sister in law who volunteered to do my window treatment.

Susan said...

Lovely choices. And I do understand the domino effect of a new oiece of furniture in the house!