Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Anti-Road Rage

I listen to books on tape on my commute. I can't tell you how greatly they have helped in curing my road rage. My commute is less than 22 miles, but worst case scenario has me clocking upwards of 1.5 hours of roadtime. The tapes allow me to focus on a story, get into the cadence of narration rhythms, enjoy the length of the commute because it gives me a few more chapters to enjoy.

The side benefit has actually been stealing a few moments to actually appreciate the drive. Parts of it are actually quite pretty, including the 2+ mile length of the Tappan Zee Bridge as it spans the Hudson River. There are moments when it is simply breathtaking to ride across the river and cast a view in one direction to see the boats marina'd in the shade of Hook Mountain; cast it in the other and see the Palisades rising up and the tallest of the NYC skyscrapers softened by the morning or evening mists.

Finding a way to bring my first love - reading a good book - into that car has given me more peace and enjoyment than I could have imagined. Now if only that bridge in Minneapolis hadn't collapsed...

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