Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

So, I now have a Facebook Page. After being dragged into Linked-In, another friend also mentioned how great Facebook was for reconnecting with others. It has scared me a little that some of you have found me there...even though my full name does not appear here and it does in the FB and Linked In world...but since the people who have found me so far are some of my coolest fellow bloggers, no panic yet.

As for Facebook and Linked-In, I have a hard enough time working up stuff for my blog and keeping up with reading and commenting on others. Now I have these new demands on my time. Facebook literally demands that I tell it what I'm doing. Seriously? Does anyone care what I am doing at any given moment of the day? And since I'm not one of the Cool Kids and don't understand how to access from phones and other remote locations, I am literally doing only one thing when I enter my Facebook profile - I'm checking my facebook profile. That's it. Nothing more exciting than that. Now Linked-In asks me "what are you working on." Like that is another stimulating thing to talk about. Again, if I'm on the site, I'm working on updating or checking my Linked-In site. Sigh.

Thank God no one has dragged me into Twitter yet. Although Boss Lady claims we need to start considering it as part of a web 2.0 strategy for communications. Ugh. We can't even keep current news and all staff messages flowing, how the hell are we going to manage web 2.0?

I feel like that character in the Godfather, "Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in." Every time I consider just abandoning or deleting that Facebook or Linked-In page, I get another pop-up email, "So and so has just written on your wall." "So and so wants to be your friend." "So and so has just viewed your profile."

Truly, I just want to be left alone. Maybe I'll give up the internet for my New Year's resolution this year. I'll move my blog off-line and publish all at once at the end of the year...no comments or feedback, but no slave to the e-world either. Hmmmmm.

I read an article today that said that the only significant difference in the lives of happy people and unhappy people is that unhappy people watch more television. They don't know cause and effect yet, but there is a relationship there. No such mention was made of the internet, but I also read that the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will include "Internet Addiction", "Compulsive Buying Disorder", and "Apathy Disorder." Hmmmm.

Since I'm always on a quest to solve issues of anxiety and stress in my life, it's an interesting thing to think about. I created this blog as a creative outlet. I named it Anxious Moments to demonstrate my desire to either find humor in my anxieties, or to account for the blessings and interesting things in my life that counter them, or even more to enjoy a few moments that are purely mine to write what I want to write, not what my company wants me to write. So, is it making me happier, or not? Is it creating another burden in my life that could be spent on other things....

...oh who am I kidding. If I gave up this blog, I'd probably just use the time to watch more TV.

But Facebook and Linked-In? They are in serious jeapardy in my 2009 schedule.


Chelle said...

I feel ya sista, I have had 2 blogs floating in my head all weekend I have not had a minute to put up!
PS we are taking a road trip to Roc for Thanksgiving! Wish I had an air card I could catch up on all the cyberobligations! (how is that for a new word I should patent it!)

Stephanie said...

I am so there with the Facebook deal. Seems like everyone has one but I a) don't have the time and b) relish the anonymity I have.

I, too, use blogging as an outlet, and don't want it to become burdensome.

Just say no to Facebook, I say!

Jodi Anderson said...

At first, I really liked Facebook and checked it daily. (And, also? I played A LOT of Scrabble.) I use my real name there, so I try to stick with people that I either have met in person (friends, family, internet buddies) or blog friends that I know really well (if such a thing exists) because my daughter and husband have pages, so their real names and location would be revealed if I did it to make friends. It has been great for finding some old classmates, and I relish it for that.

I have to say, though, that I no longer check it daiy ... except to play Scrabble. ;)

Jodi Anderson said...

P.S. Most of the applications there drive me CRAZY. Every time that I visit, there are all these crazy application invitations. I just hit 'ignore' and hope that I don't offend anyone.

A's Mom said...

Just something else to take up more time in your day. I recently had a friend make me join - invited me more like it - to Facebook. Still not sure about that, but hey it took you to get me started with my blog.

Me, I'd rather spend more time scrapbooking my memories and hopefully others too. :)

Just think. In two days you'll be able to play with your beloved nephew (?) - the wonderfully adorable Little Man A!

Anonymous said...

Facebook? Fuggeddabooutit!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I have a Facebook account is because one of our friends works there and convinced us we needed one!

I'd hunt you down and invite you to be my friend, but I don't think I'm clever enough to figure out who you are! lol