Thursday, February 26, 2009


I always knew my VP operated on a different plain that I do - especially in his private life - living in Manhattan by Central Park, traveling internationally constantly (winter trips to ski in Vail, mid-winter fishing in Patagonia, Christmas in The Hague, Summer in the Hamptons), but today I got my confirmation that it might actually be a different PLANET.

White tablecloth dining only in VP's world.

VP: "Hey - there are lots of leftovers from my lunch meeting if anyone wants something."

Admin: "Oh great, I haven't been able to get out for anything - what was the lunch?"

VP: "Sandwiches and things."

Admin: "From the regular deli?"

VP: "No, from some other place I never heard of - Quoo-Zee-Nos?"

Admin: " you mean Quiznos?"

VP: "Yeah, that might be it. Ever heard of it?"

Admin: (laughing) "Obviously you don't dine in the slums with the rest of us."

Fine dining for the "little people".

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Anonymous said...

He lives in a totally different planet.

Have you heard of that new guy who is living off $168 in order to see how hard it is to feed one person on one month's allowance of food stamps?