Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixed Messages

Why is it that reviews are never straightforward? I certainly understand that they need to be a mixture of strengths and weaknesses, praise and guidance, but when things are completely contrary it's hard to know where to go from there.

  • Use discretion. Do not express displeasure and disappointment about leadership.
  • Express your opinion. Don't remain in the background.
  • Expresses opinion well and is valued.


  • Take on a greater leadership style. Be less deferential in dealing with staff and managers.
  • She is rough around the edges and harsh on staff - "my staff are terrified of her."
  • Give people direction and hold them accountable, be more hands off.


  • Shows confidence and meets us as an equal at the table.
  • Holds back and is "beaten down" by our organization.
  • Has a phobia about numbers that trips her up - she should let it go.



There is more good than bad in the feedback that I received, but of course it is the bad that resonates with us. One set of comments in particular took me completely by surprise and were attributed to a female VP that I had no concept of having issues with. She described her staff as being "terrified of me." Me??? Little old me??? I cannot even imagine what I've done or said that has created this. And a part of me is horrified.

Another part of me is intrigued.

Am I less or more likely to get service from this team as a result of this terrifying persona?


AmyBow said...

That is awesome that people are terrified of you. It is so unlike you that I think you should embrace the comment and live it with that team.

Mrs. G. said...

I wish I scared people.

KiKi said...

Could you come strike some terror in the hearts people who annoy me?

Are you sure those comments were on YOUR review????