Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Memory Keeping

As predicted, I got home last night and opened my purse - the same purse I swore I scoured looking for the missing rings, and in the very first side pocket I looked into, there were the rings. 

True, my first reaction is to laugh and shake my head, but my second reaction is to wonder if I am truly losing my mind.  It's kind of scary that these blanks happen in my memory banks....I mean real true blanks.  Like a clean sheet of white paper there is nothing there for things that my family, friends, and even my husband recall with total clarity. 

I'm not sure if it is reassuring to note that my senior banquet (high school) event put out a program that included memorable quotes from individuals and mine was, "Oh my god, I totally forgot"...or something like that.  So this has been an issue with me since the early days and is not early menopause or worse early onset Alzheimer's.

One of the reasons I continue to labor over this blog is my ability to go back and revisit memories.  The very act of recording little daily events (or big momentous events) is that just writing it out gives it a higher probability of becoming impressed into my memory banks.  But if not, I can always go back and see what I was doing this time last year and experience it anew. 

For example, it's interesting to note that on November 9th 2007, I was having a scatterbrain day as well...lots of random thoughts creating pinballs in my brain.  In 2008, I was espousing on the disparity between men and women couch potatoes (I must have hit a nerve as I have 10 comments on that one!).  And just last year, I was trying to expand my blogging onto the Women's Colony (with no luck...and now it's sadly gone), but was despondent that my writing wasn't good enough...or at least my typing.

So as you can see...this blogging thing may be all the bad things people say...primarily a total exercise in self-involvement.  But it is also the record of my own little insignificant life and times...and with my memory, an essential for my sanity.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think it is a wonderful way to preserve our memories--and make some connections as well.