Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whhoooopppss - Dropped the NaBloPoMo Ball

All I can say is, until they move Thanksgiving and Christmas to another month, NaBloPoMo in November is just not going to work for me. 

Instead of blogging, we are preparing for a week of visitors.  Although the holiday is only one day - having relatives from all around means it stretches into a week of meals.  Just ask our grocery bill.  WOW.  Heartstopping. 

Who all is coming?

Well - my niece, brother-in-law and my two adorable great nephews arrive from DC on Tuesday.  Also coming with this crew is one fine little canine pal - Maggie.   Then my Mom and Uncle arrive on Wednesday. Then on Turkey Day we'll be joined for the festivities by my Mother and Father in Law and my Nephew and his friend.  So, including us, you are talking about 10 adults and two little'uns...and a dog....and a cat.  Can you say YELLOW COTTAGE BUSTING AT SEAMS.  And I can't wait.  By the time everyone leaves I'll be heaving a sigh of relief to have my space back....but I'll also feel the house is way too empty.

We've prepared by purging for another weekend tons o'crapola on Freecycle.  And everyone obligingly took our crapola to other houses where hopefully my trash will be their treasure.  Hubby also cleaned out his ONE DRESSER and from that somehow managed to give away two HUGE hefty bags of clothing as well as toss out about 3 tall kitchen bags full of unworthy clothes, papers, and various and sundry messes of stuff that collected in his drawers.  How is that even possible?   He also cleaned out his studio (no small feat) and promises to tackle his closet Monday night.

I've washed every possible sheet, towel, blanket, comforter and pillow case in the joint.  Including the new bedding I purchased for the THREE new airbeds we got.  One queen size to go on top of the fold-out (which is unbearable to sleep on after 10 years of wear), and two twin size.  We'll have a pack and play jammed into the space as well.  You have to know my house to know how funny it is to imagine all these people piled into the two bedrooms, the living room, and the office with airbeds and extra blankets.

I did the semi-annual empty and scrub the fact both fridges...which is alway a harrowing experience to find the liquified carrots and the fuzzy leftovers shoved in the back...not to mention the interesting and hopefully non-toxic mold growing on the EXTERIOR and every crack and crevice of our garage fridge.  It's horrifying really - how we live without even noticing the disgusting mess right in front of our eyes. 

I tried to get to reorganizing my kitchen...but didn't get too far.  Made it through about 5 cupboards, but I didn't tackle the really tough ones that have those teeter-totter piles just itching to come crashing out with a big bang.  Should be interesting keeping the little ones from the cupboards in my not baby-proofed home. I'm already looking around thinking about candles, CDs, stairways, etc.  But we'll have enough adults on patrol to make it work.

Did I mention we've also been babysitting a recovering kitty?  Hopefully the animal rights folks won't come out of the wordwork on this one, but we did finally decide to de-claw her.  I know.  I KNOW.  But I have to say, I wish people hadn't talked me out of it when she was a kitten as it would have been easier on her and god knows it would have been easier on my furniture.  But since she SHREDDED my couch and ottoman and was starting to sink claws into my leather had to happen.  So we've been hand feeding her, carrying her up and down stairs, giving her daily antibiotics, and babying her shamelessly (guiltily?).  But at this point she has been happily freed from her Elizabethan Collar, and is purring away, so I can't say that the guilt of trimming the tips off 10 toes has been too traumatic at all. I KNOW!

So no wonder I haven't been blogging, right?

We still have some honey-do's on the list for tomorrow, but we're just about ready to go.  The house smells like cranberry relish and apple bread - a sure sign of the season...and the air outside is crisp.

Countdown to Turkey Day, 4 days.

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