Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Had Me at....the Applause?

I know I'm wierd.  I faced that a LONG time ago.  But I have to ask any of you other semi-wierd people out there if you have this strange reaction to applause.

I well up.

I tear up.

I sometimes cry copiously.

It's true.  I find enthusiastic applause to be one of the most moving sounds on the planet.  You know how people always say their favorite sound is "a child's laughter" or some such thing?  For me...applause.  And not applause for me!  I've never been on stage.  I've never sought or been in public speaking situations that would merit clapping.  But put me in the audience and watch me cry like a baby if a standing ovation occurs.

Just this week, in fact, I've had two or three occasions to feel overcome by emotion. 

Here is one:'s a moving piece of music.  But it wasn't the music as much as it was the flowing applause at the end that choked me up.  And that was sitting here.  At my computer.  At my slave desk.  At the office.  Can you imagine if I was on site for this?  What a mess I would be.

Beyond this inspiring performance, it happened in an even more mundane setting.  A company video.  Yes.  I'll say it again.  A company video.  To be specific, it was a video summary of a two day meeting held by our management team.  There was nothing overtly inspiring in the material. It was fine.  It was professional.  It even had some solid information. 

But at the end...the audience (in the video) applauded...

They stood and applauded. 

And once again, my throat thickened and my eyes burned.

Tell me the truth. Am I even wierder than I thought?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sorry, I had nothing when it got the applause. Though the "hallelujahs" had my throat tightening a little.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the applause that gets me, sometimes it's the performance, but yes, I've been known to tear up too. Sometimes it even happens when a child at school finally accomplishes some small task that used to be a huge challenge for them. So - let's be weird together!

Chelle said...

Absolutely-everytime! You should also see me when one of the kids on Chris's team hits a home run, I'm a mess, I thought it was only me. I cry during the boys entire band and chorus recitals too-- they barely get on stage and I am tearing up! the applause just does me in!

Mama Lou said...

You are your mother`s daughter.

Susan said...

It made me cry, too. I cry at the Olympics. I cry watching the Oscars, sometimes. I am you.