Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guess What This Is....

No it is not an homage to Dolly Parton.

No it is not two dead bodies.

No it is not a modern plastic sculpture.

These humps under ice crusted snow are the only signs that we once knew a green and lovely spring and summer.  These, my friends, are my patio lounge chairs.

And this?  While it looks like nothing...that is in fact a large dimple and chip on my lovely little car.  I was not upset to see this because I had to admit, if that chunk of ice that flew from under a car's tire right at my car had hit just a few inches lower, I would have been covered with shattered glass, and possibly suffering from an iceball induced concussion.  I heard it hit, and checked my door panel when I arrived at my office, but it wasn't until later that night when the light was hitting the car just right that I noticed the ding was above my window not below it.

And this?  Well, this is supposed to be a swing where I can look at the garden and enjoy a breeze.  The snow is up to the seat...which is usually a space of about 1.5-2 ft.  Will it ever melt?  Will my swing fall down and go boom from the weight of the ice and snow before it does?

And this?  This is my lovely new shower head that hubby finally got around to installing.  (Thanks to our lovely niece J and her family).  I look forward to taking a hot steamy shower tonight before my latest dose of Nyquil and a quiet burial under my covers.

Ta ta from winter in I WONDER if spring will ever come.


Kate Hanley said...

Spring is like a distant memory isn't it? Congrats on the new showerhead. At least you'll be warm. I'm excited because today, my one day off this week is supposed to be near 50 degrees. A hint of spring if you will.

Anonymous said...

Winter. Gotta love it. Well, at least you can have a nice warm shower.