Monday, February 7, 2011

Tale of Two Hotel Rooms

I loved my recent travel experience to London.  But I have to say, American hotels have totally spoiled me.   Right now, I'm in Denver attending a week-long conference and combining that with some company meetings as well as a visit with my sister.  And the minute I stepped into the hotel room it was just...ahhhhhhh.

2 comfy beds, plenty of space, and that wonderful invention a mattress AND box spring.
Small "cozy" room, uncomfortable mattress in a box

Spatious desk area, including extra table that can tuck neatly away,
or pull out for extended desk space or dining space.

Tiny table, but at least it had 110 voltage plug!

Lovely sink with plenty of space for toiletries. Soap BY sink.

Lovely sink with plenty of space for toiletries.  Soap mounted to wall A FOOT AWAY from sink.

Denver.  Modern shower, with curtain.

 Modern shower (was actually very nice...except), half glass wall that in no way kept water in the bathing space.  I tried, 6 different ways, and flooded the room EVERY time.

Perhaps my favorite difference was the complimentary hair dryer.  Located, right in the bathroom where one might expect it.

When I was searching for something else, like paper and pen, I found the complimentary hair dryer for the hotel room in london in that tiny table/desk in the main room...not the bathroom.

And it acually plugs in by a mirror or two.

They obviously have issues with people leaving with the hair dryers.
They taught us!  Bolted into the'll need to take the desk to get this appliance out.

Isn't it interesting to think about the people who designed these rooms and what their process must have been.  

Oh room service meal has arrived so I'm off to eat heartily, finish some paperwork, and then early to bed.  LONG week ahead in Denver.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The hair dryer in the desk drawer totally cracked me up--though it probably wouldn't when I was looking for one!

lily said...

Thanks a lot for the good article.

Anonymous said...

In my experience London hotel rooms are hideously overpriced in terms of what you get. I have never stayed in one that hasn't been a disappointment, and I can't afford the Savoy or Claridges.
American hotel rooms are invariably the best in terms of value for money. The best we ever had was in the Hawaiian Village. It was so luxurious it was almost sensual. And since we booked it in an off-peak season we got it for a song.

Susan said...

I hope there was a mirror near the desk!

Anonymous said...

Americans truly do know how to do the hotel thing best, no question. Still, when travelling elsewhere, I always consider the hotel (or B & B - we've stayed mostly in those) as part of the entire adventure. I'll put up with a lot more lodging inconvenience (like hairdryers bolted inside drawers! How odd!) when I'm in Europe than I will in North America.