Friday, March 30, 2012

Confessions and Penance

Confession # 1 Taking Sick Time: I'm sure I milked this virus a bit. I could have gutted it out. Even though I believe it was the wise thing to do to cancel my two business trips this week (one local to NYC office by train, one flight distance to Tampa) and to get better, I probably could have managed full days at the office. But really, it has been so long since I used a sick day I don't even remember it...and I feel much benefited from it. PLUS, I didn't spread my germs and can I get a hallelujah for that one? 

Penance:  My only downside is if staying home from work was the right decision, so was staying home from a visit to family in D.C. - where young children could have been sacrificed on the alter of my potential germ carrying being.  So after laying about most of the week, I had better do something constructive with this weekend....closet cleaning?  bedroom painting?  basement organizing?  window washing?  garden prepping?  One or more of these will definitely be penance.

Confession #2:  Fatty Fatty 2x4, Can't Fit Through the Kitchen Door.
Yes, this charming little rhyme was one my father used to chant.  And while I won't claim any psychological damage from it, I do look back at my relatively svelte self (40 pounds ago) from that age and wonder how I could have pictured myself as fat?

Now....after a sedentary iPad winter, I am bordering on blubber state.  So last week I joined WW on-line.  Which may or may not be another contributing factor for bringing me back to the blog.  After a few days of surfing the WW community - blogs, status updates, etc. I thought...well...I could do this on my own little site and not have some whole new e-life sprouting up only in WW land.

Penance:  Today, after 3 days of part work, part sick time, I got up, showered and took a 20 minute walk.  Why?  Because the sun was out and my little sneaker icon on WW on-line had been sadly unchecked since I began the program.  Now I have a check AND a smiley face.  And I came in to my home office with a brighter outlook and some gumption. Probably sourced from the walk, feeling better, and feeling like I actually rested and unplugged and recharged for the past few days. 

I have also developed a liking for Mr. Wheat Crispy  I can eat 8 giant crisps (puffed wheat disc shaped snacks) for only 3 points or 110 calories.  Eating these while thinking of real potato chips is definitely a penance activity...and even tastes a little like church-provided wafers.  But for now...I'm motivated.

Note:  For people with sensitivity on the opposite side of the scale - check out the wonderful honesty of a Mom and her daughter going through eating disorder battles here.

Good and Bad of it All.  So the good and bad of it all is, I'm back on the blog. I'm recovered from virus, but eating cardboard type food...with a smile.  I'm trying to be self aware.  Fit. Arising from the winter hibernation.  Feeling somewhat recharged.  Grass is green.  Trees are budding. 

For a girl whose glass is typically leaning toward empty, I'm feeling like it's a pretty wonderful world right now.

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Pat said...

I'm very glad you're feeling better. but don't over do. I found that I had energy one day and felt wiped out the next from this thing. Your work has been a whirlwind, so give yourself a break.