Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mayhem and Meanderings

So what does one say after a three month absence from blogging.

I'm still alive?!
Finally have something to say?!
Hope you are still listening?!

Or does one just gracefully enter the blogosphere again like all is now clean and white those women who proclaim themselves virgins again or like a born-again you-know-what?

I have no real explanation except I was bored.  Oh, and busy....really busy.  Really busy being bored and living that life thing.  Oh and work...yeah work was really sucking up my time.  Almost as much as my new iPad - which is blog entry unfriendly, but blog reading sweet.  It also has many many games.  And many many apps.  And plenty of things to make me think I'm engaged, while really just cluttering up my day.

Have you guys heard of Netflix for iPad?  For just $8 per month, I can watch unlimited movies and tv shows on my iPad...anywhere...And while Netflix doesn't have all the content I would certainly has enough to keep my brain on neutral for hours on end while making me feel smarter than sitting in front of a television being held captive by 20 minutes of commercials in a 60 minute show.  I mean...I'm efficiently wasting my time folks.  And don't even get me started on the possibilities offered by Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and Word Warp.  I'm fighting Alzheimer's people.  You know that keeping a mind nimble and active can fend off those fuzzy brain diseases and god knows...getting my ass handed to me by my mother-in-law on a daily basis in WWF, just reminds me how sharp a mind I still have.

So, with all of these distractions right in my lap (or my purse) every minute of the day...why should I need to find a computer and enter my meaningless thoughts into a blog?

I didn't.

And that's the plain truth of it.  On January 1 - a few days after receiving an iPad as a gift - I tried to enter into my blog from the device. It sucked.  It wouldn't format or even include paragraph returns.  And suddenly opening my laptop seemed like too much effort when all the rest was right there in my hot little hands.  So the blog slipped quietly away.  Meanwhile, I didn't have to miss any of my other favorite bloggers, I could still read you while cuddled on my couch with my lightweight, cool little iPad friend to offer up all of your witty, touching, and compelling moments.

So what brings me back?  Well, I blame CBS.  You see CBS is not iPad friendly.  So here I am, home from work on a sick day and after completing 6 hours of work...which is a sick day now in America, my friends, I wanted desperately to catch up on "The Good Wife".  My DVR has been stumped by the sports and Amazing (stupid) Race program running late and always stealing my hour of recording space.  But the iPad could not retrieve and play full episodes.  So to the computer I went...sitting stiffly upright in a desk chair....I caught up on the last three episodes. And because it is I also caught up on all the commercials.  Yay!

And the only thing that made me smile in those commercials was my little friend Mayhem.
Am I alone in just thinking he is the cutest little insurance bad boy on the block?


 I mean, come on, his absolute delight in wreaking havoc in lives is enough to make a Good Wife like me giggle and flutter her eyelashes at the screen.

So here I am sitting at my hubby's big screen Mac and thinking....this would be fun to share on my blog.  Do I still have a blog?  So here I am...back again.  I'm a little burnt out on Angry Birds, and getting my ass kicked in WWF (I mean how many times can you accept your MIL using a word like KAES ???? and getting like 102 points? while I use OPTICAL and get 26?), so maybe it will bring me back here more often.

Plus I'm getting Spring Fever as opposed to the cold and fever I've had this week, and looking for some new projects to do.

Stay tuned.  Mayhem may ensue.

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