Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's official. We're still poor.

Or at least we aren't a few hundred million richer today. That's really a shame too, because we had some kick ass plans for that cash.

1. Bring in a contractor and finish every room in the house. Not to mention extending 2nd floor to get that master suite all set up.

2. Buy The Bloggess 16 Beyonces. Just as a thank you for all the laughs.

3. Buy the road in front of our house and close it to create a dead end thus eliminating the only hatable aspects of our home...bus and motorcycle traffic.

4. Buy that little flat in Florence Italy. Walking distance to seeing the David every day and then a gelato in the square afterwards.

5. Pay off all family debts. Invest in educations for all.

6. Open that little gallery business with a sweet studio for hubby to paint and play with digital images all day long.

7. Pay off one random mortgage a week for someone with employment challenges.

8. Invest in our best friends in any way they want. I promise we will keep them in our lives.

9. Buy a waterfront home in Cape Cod for us and Florida for the folks.

10. Buy a jet and set up our friend JQ as the pilot to fly us anywhere anytime.

 Depending on the quantity of millions there is more where that came from. As you can see we have some selfish and some selfless ideas. What would you do with a few hundred million?

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