Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Domestic Failure

Well, this morning I determined to make cookies to take to our friends' house for our "Linner" (since Brunch timing didn't work for folks).  Peanut butter cocoa cookies to be exact, which I expected to be a hit with our host since he is all about chocolate, peanut butter, and if I could find a way to include it - bananas.  Some of you may know that I am NOT the cook in the family, but typically I can handle baking.  At least since my first chocolate chip cookie disaster in which I thought that 2-1/2 cups meant 2, half cups of flour and I made burnt soup.

Flash back to that moment today.  Once the batter was mixed, it seemed a bit loose to me...but I attributed it to the warm weather.  I stuck the bowl of batter in the freezer for about 15 minutes while I cleaned up kitchen assuming it would stiffen up.  Then I decided I didn't want to bother with drop cookies, so I looked up the directions for pan cookies.  I like the way those all melt together better anyway - better distribution of the good chip stuff.

The pan directions called for a pan about 15x9.  I think mine is nearly that size...but maybe a little smaller.  I scooped and spread the batter in, now chilled to the consistency of warm peanut butter, and stuff it into the oven.  When the timer buzzed I returned to the kitchen concerned about the smell of burning....was the tray too low in the oven I wondered?

The batter had overflowed all four sides of the pan and was slowly burning away on the bottom of the oven.  My oven with the broken self-cleaning function.  Oh joy of joys.

I pulled out the tray and began scooping the burning batter off the bottom of the oven.  Calmly.  In that scary calm way that tells that I'm just about done with all my patience.  Sometimes that calm can carry me through, sometimes it is just the moment before the big blow.

Once the worst of the batter was scooped out, amazingly without a single burnt digit or melted spatula, I turned to the tray.  The edges were nicely browned and baked, so I broke off a piece - DELICIOUS!  I determined to scrape the overflowing bits off the sides and return the tray to the oven.  It couldn't get worse right?  I already have a messy smelly oven to clean and no cookies to bring to LINNER. 

To ensure no more spillover, I put a larger tray underneath the first tray and stuck it back in for another 4 minutes...and then another 2.  It is cooling on top of the stove right now and I'm hoping for a hail mary win here with some creative slicing of the results. 

But if not, A&P bakery section here I come.  And at least I have an entertaining, self-deprecating, typical Wenderina domestic mess anecdote to share with my friends.


Ah the beauty of Mom's milk-glass platter and my own creative cutting...saved again.

Post- Post- Script:
Cookie/Brownie things disappeared like magic at the party.  Just goes to show you, even a domestic failure can be a culinary success.

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