Monday, May 31, 2010

Candle in the Window

We've lived in our home for just over 7 years now.  At some point, as I drove in my mindless unobserving way to and from work, I started to notice one particular house on the street.  I can't say if the owners have always been the same.  In fact, it may have changed hands at some point because I started to notice some of that freshening up that takes place shortly after a new person moves in.  The cedar siding got a wash-up and a few planks replaced.  The gardens were freshened and more formally landscaped.  It seemed there were work vans and trucks in the driveway more often.

At the same time, I started to notice a candle in the window.  Not a real candle, but one of those plastic candles with the little bulb in it that so many people use at Christmas.  And not in every window.  Just in the main picture window in what I assume is their living room.  It's been years now, and regardless of the season, that candle is always lit.  From morning until night, it rests on the window ledge like a small beacon.

I have oftened wondered if this light is kept lit in memory of somone lost but not forgotten.  Or perhaps it is in hopes that someone gone will use the light as a path home.  I'll probably never know if this light is kept in sorrow, in hope, or in joy....but I know it means something more.  Something more than just a forgotten christmas decoration. Something that speaks to dedication, determination, and I believe, to love.

Today is Memorial Day and I'm wondering, who are you remembering?  Do you have relatives who have served (or are serving) in the military? Who do you hope will find their way home? Who do you want to remind that the light they brought to your life has never dimmed or diminished...but is steadfast and bright and foremost in your mind?  Who do you want to thank for their service?  to their country...or your family...or just you?  There are so many in our lives that I will not name aloud here, but they know who they are.  Some have passed on, some just live far away, some have lost touch, others are ever present. 

So for the moment...for today at least...that light in my unknown neighbor's window is for them.  And like that light, you are in my mind every day.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a very lovely way to look at that. I don't have anybody in my family to remember, but living in a military town there are many others to remember.

A's Mom said...

Could not have said it better myself. Thank you.