Thursday, February 14, 2008

33 Hours Later

I'm here! I'm in Brisbane. And I'm just taking a quick moment to post something post-shower (God I needed that) and pre-sightseeing.

After my bah humbug Valentine's post of yesterday? 3 days ago? whatever... I experienced an incredibly romantic trip. Ok - don't get exited hubby - it was not romantic for me, per se...but it did restore my faith in romance - on Feb 14th or any other day.

The whole trip was blessed by fortunate happenstances, travelers and airline employees in good moods, short lines, and quick connections.

Miracle, you say? Truly, I say.

When I got onto the Air New Zealand flight from LA to Auckland...

(Must interject here - business class for long flights is the ONLY way to fly. In fact - business class on all flights would significantly cut down on AIR RAGE...although you do have to pay a couple thousand a flight instead of a couple hundred.)

...I noticed several couples ranging in age from about 65-80+ in my section. They were as thrilled as I was in the accommodations - room galore - incredible service - food of a 4 star restaurant quality - and seats that turn into BEDS!

One couple in particular caught my attention. I'll call them Minnie and Maxie McGee after a folk song hubby and I used to know all the words to and that always made me cry like a sentimental fool. Minnie and Maxie, well, they were definitely about 80 years young and as in love as any two teenagers. Our only conversation was a passing comment here or there, so I never really learned their story, but their actions spoke volumes.

Maxie must have gotten up 3 or 4 times before take off to care for Minnie's comfort.

They always called each other Darling. With no sarcasm or witty tones, just full of affection.

They laughed, belly laughs, with one another as they ate their dinner.

And halfway through, as though they just couldn't stand not to, they reached across the table and held hands.

While the captain made the same observation I had that we were essentially skipping over Valentine's Day, Minnie would have none of it. She announced, "Darling, it is midnight at home. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you." Maxie responded, "I love you too Darling." Yet again Maxie got up and crossed the aisle, kissed his wife, and gave her a card.

When it came time to sleep, Maxie made sure Minnie was comfortable and tucked in first and kissed her goodnight.

In the night I saw Minnie get up and visit the bathroom and when she returned to her seat she stroked Maxie's hair and pulled the covers over him again.

In the morning, the lights came up and the crew began readying for breakfast service and Maxie woke up with a smile, "Good morning Darling!" and a kiss.

Over breakfast, they talked non stop, once again holding hands halfway through and laughing at one anothers jokes.

As we were departing the plane, they stood in line ahead of me and Minnie grabbed a comb from her purse and combed Maxie's hair mussed from sleep. Then Maxie smiled at her so sweetly, that I swear my heart stopped.

This kind of devotion is rare to see in today's hectic life. It's nice to know it is out there and that it can give an old cynic like me new hope and willingness to celebrate Valentine's Day - anywhere, anytime, any date.

Best wishes to you Minnie and Maxie. Good travels.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Best. Valentine's Day. Story. Ever.

Thanks and happy trails.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Damn, thanks for not taking me down under with you. I won't forget this you know.

KiKi said...

That is so beautiful. I should be so lucky!

Teachers/Mentors/Parents said...

What a beautiful story....we'll be there someday (age)...I hope we are as sensitive to our loves!

Jude said...

ooopps! that was me still signed into my teacher robotic blog....

Gary said...

That was a great story :) and I have loved Mark Rust's music for 23 years now. I was just listening to Minnie and Maxie McGee and did a search on the song. That's how I stumbled on the post :)

One of my life goals is to be some happy version of that song. 45 years to go ;)