Friday, February 1, 2008

Brisbane Bound

I'm traveling far far FAR away.

While MoStraz was YELLING at me to go to England right away (is that you Doty?) I was booking my travel to Brisbane. I'm going for work, but hope to get in a little play while I'm at it. Because work set the schedule, I'm going in February - essentially the hottest month of the year in Australia. Melissa at Inquisitrix tells me it is "hotter than the hubs of hell" there right now. Yay.

But still - it's an adventure, and my life usually sadly lacks in adventure (except those I find in my books). I tried to convince hubby or some of my friends to come along - even though I'd have to ditch them most days for meetings - but no takers. So I'm off on my own and the only female attending the meetings (Yay again).

I can't believe I'm complaining about a free trip to Australia!! What a snot I am!! Immediate attitude adjustment. Wait for it. There.

Hey everybody - I'm so psyched that I am flying to the opposite end of this earth to see Australia!

I'll be here.

And since I arrive on a Friday morning and my meetings don't start until Sunday afternoon, I'm hoping to fight through jet lag and see this:

According to the website, I can get there like this:

Which may or may not be a good idea , but what I've got to see is this:

What other wonders might I see?

Countdown: 13 days to lift-off.


Jude said...

I ssssoooo wish I could go with you! unfortunately, we are not well off enough not to life I will be sure to be with someone rich or born into wealth or...oh forget is as life is....Please enjoy every spare minute outside your meeting to take in the beauty of Australia.

Mrs. G. said...

How very, very cool!

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie who just found your blog yesterday & have to say, I'm already jealous....

As a wee 6-yr-old (wow, 40 years ago this summer) I got to go to Lone Pine Brisbane & hold a koala! (even have a photo of it somewhere!) We nearly moved there (not because of koalas, but close: cattle ranching).

I'd love to go back; sister-in-law has been twice; hubster & daughter want to go after lotto winnings are divided up (not holding breath).

Have FUN! England will wait for you.

AmyBow said...

It is hard to believe that those fuzzy little koalas exist in the wild anywhere. That makes the trip worthwhile.

I am jealous of everything except the flight:)

Ian Lidster said...

Have a wonderful Brisbane. How cool is that? Meanwhile, I sent a well deserved award your way. Please check out my blog.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Too cool for words.

Stephanie said...

I am totally jealous. Order from Stephanie for the day (not that you really have to listen, but it sounds so Queen of the World-ish, doesn't it?):

Thou shalt take lots of pictures, particularly of cute, little, fuzzy koalas, and post them here immediately upon your return!

Sounds like so much fun. I'm glad you'll have a couple of days, even if you are jet lagged, to enjoy the sights.

Can I just say that it stinks BAD that your company sends you to Australia and I get stuck with freezing cold, snow filled Canada? What exactly is it that you do? It might be time for me to switch careers!

KiKi said...


A's Mom said...

Too cool!! I want to go. Just be careful of those koalas. They may look friendly but they are actually pretty mean. Have fun!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'll go with you! Take me, take me!