Friday, December 5, 2008

The Struggle, Part 3

The Struggle, Part 1
The Struggle, Part 2

There was an interesting feature in NPR's TakeAway program this week about underemployment. The term I learned about that was my takeaway was "the slash". This is referring to the fact that more people than ever before are working several part-time know, you meet them and ask, "And what do you do?" and the answer is, "I'm an actor/waiter/store clerk....or lawyer/teacher/athlete, or writer/consultant/dogwalker, etc.

There is a theory that there are a lot of benefits and opportunities to this style of making a living. (a) If one part-time job falls through you can usually use other part-time jobs to fill in. (b) It keeps life interesting and varied. (c) You make a wider range of contacts and networks. (d) It suits the shorter attention span of today's lifestyles.

It sounds like an awful lot of hustle to me.

I mean I can't imagine changing gears from one job to another and making it all come together. And how do you make sure every month that you have enough to pay all the bills? And how do you get health insurance if you're only a part-time employee anywhere? Am I old-fashioned?

Is this a potential life makeover pathway for me? Will I remain a Marketing Executive? or should I be a marketing executive/something/something? And if so - what the hell are the somethings?

Where is my damn bliss?

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think it's generational--for the younger people it's all they've ever known. For us, it sounds like sheer terror.

Yet another argument for universal healthcare.

Stephanie said...

Sheer terror. Unquestionably. It's enough to keep up with meeting the demands of one job. I can't imagine being a blank/blank/blank. Ewww.

Although what's-her-name in that movie with Cameron Diaz seemed to be quite content going from high-powered lawyer to dog-walker.