Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bagel Duty

Tomorrow will be four sunrises I have seen in a row - definitely a record for me.  I try to avoid anything that requires me to awaken in the dark cold of a winter morning...or a spring morning...or a summer morning...or a fall morning.  It just goes to show I can do it when I have to, but the adrenalin of hell week is the only thing keeping me going. 

Tomorrow I considered a later start but realized I have BAGEL duty.  This is a very serious activity in the bagel club.  There are  minimum requirements, there are maximum expectations.  And ther is most definitely an expectation of arrival time.  If the setup is not complete by 8:30am, you'd better be in an ambulance on the way to the hospital from wrecking your car trying to get there - and even so, why can't the ambulance just swing by the office and drop off the 8 bags o'groceries on the way.

Once, a new member actually brought in Lender's bagels. 

Yeah, it wasn't pretty. 

Another time, someone actually forgot it was their turn. The reaction was such that the person immediately ran to their car and went on an emergency shopping run to rectify the criminal act of forgetting bagels.  I almost had to ask for special dispensation to bring bagels in on Thursday this week instead of Friday. 

Everything except the bagels is now chilling in the car - fresh fruit tray, bakery danish selection, variety of juices, clementine oranges.  Tomorrow at 7:30 am I'll pull into the local bagel shop (grocery bakery bagels are nearly as reviled as Lender's) and select two dozen fresh and warm bagels and pick out some gourmet spreads to go with it.  I've stepped it down a notch this week as I just can't bring myself to bake anything - usually I throw in a home-baked item or's hell week.

But hell would have to freeze over for Bagel duty to be derailed.

I've got to go set my alarm for another sunrise morning...yawn.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wish I was having breakfast at your office tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

THAT'S taking it down a notch?!? I can only imagine what kind of spread is usually put on! Still - it sounds like a yummy way to start a day (especially during your Hell Week!).