Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why Hubby Makes Me Laugh

W: Well, seems the jewelry I picked out for Hannukah gifts for the girls (nieces) were not a hit. Their mom says they like big and gaudy, not sweet and delicate, so I'm digging up the receipts for returns. When I was their age....

C: Times have changed W. Right now if you can keep their POOTY off the internet you're ahead of the game.

W: I cannot believe you just said POOTY.


C: You should stick all those things Penny Kitty has gathered up into a potato and take a picture.


C: You know, for your blog.


W (to Penny Kitty): You're all, "Get away, get away" and then you're all "Pet me Pet me Pet me". Everything has to be on YOUR terms. You are SUCH a girl.

C: Suddenly everything in my life seems clear.


Jo said...

*LOL* Love it...!

I don't know how old your nieces are, but my mother would not allow me to wear big and gaudy jewelry when I was still young enough to live at home.

I can still hear her voice. "No dangling earrings!" *heh*

mkosboth said...

Haha. He makes me laugh too!