Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who needs the gym....?

...when you've got home improvement projects? After two days of painting a 5x5 room I've done about 1,000 squats while balancing a paint tray, brush and roller. My butt and thighs feel like I did 6 straight hours of step aerobics after the up and down the step ladder calisthenics I've been doing. The arm movements extending my arms to their furthest rotation to paint walls, ceiling and moulding are reminiscent of Mr. Miyagi training the Karate Kid.

So I ask again, who needs the gym, when you've got home improvement projects.

Well...probably me...but I also don't have the time.

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Lay said...

Wonder if my upcoming project (to put it gently) will earn me the tight abs I so desperately seek... LMAO! You may be onto something here.... A Wenderina workout/ DIY workout video... Informercials, dvds for a low low price of..