Sunday, April 1, 2012

In the Zone?

Yesterday was Day 7 of the return to WW.  I refuse to call it a diet...because it is truly a way of life.  I've tried this way of life before....found success in getting lighter and healthier...but never successfully changed my total behavior.  But, as one of my WW leaders used to say, "You only have to come back one more time than you quit".  So here I am again.  And after 1 week, I was down 1.8 pounds. 

Was I pleased?  Relatively.

As a comparison, the first time I joined WW I was in my 20's and lost 8 pounds in the first week.  Age, hormones and metabolism are not a fun thing.  But I am still motivated...because I didn't feel I had been deprived of anything...and I did feel better - more energized...than I have in a long while.

I have to remember my goal is to stick with the program and get to my goal weight by the end of 2012.  That is 25 - 30 pounds down (i.e., extremely happy with 25, thrilled and taking bows for 30).  I want a realistic weight that I can maintain and that makes me feel good.  Not like I have to eat cardboard every day to keep.  So...assuming 25 pounds total, I need to lose an average of about 2.7 pounds per month....or 0.8 pounds per week.  That is SOOO doable!

On Friday, Hubby and I split a pizza - yes a WHOLE PIZZA.  Of course, when you get it from the brick oven specialty store on the corner instead of a regular pizza place, you will see the difference in that.  It is about 1/3rd the total quantity of food...and yes double the price. But let's talk ingredients...fresh tomatoes (not tomato sauce), fresh buffalo mozzarella, thin lightly oiled crust...yum yum yum. Hubby accompanied it with a side dish of roasted veggies that looked scrumptious.  Not knowing how to differentiate this gourmet pizza with regular, I used the points for regular pizza and counted them all. I think it is an overestimate, but honest.  

On Saturday, we got Panera.  I big time heart Panera.   There are loads of choices there and their menu board includes calories, but with WW counting, you have to look up their full nutrition guide because calories have nothing to do with points.  It's about balancing fat, fiber, carbs and proteins.  I always have to calculate because I've never gotten the hang of looking at a label and winging it...must be the I calculated my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.  Strangely enough a panini and cup of soup was less points than one of their signature salads.  It's got to be the dressing, because a salad is almost always a better choice than bread.  So, I went with the panini, I even had the chips.  And you know what...I counted all the points and ended my day RIGHT ON TARGET.  

It also helped that on Saturday, I began my day with another walk.  In the past, I have walked to music and tried to work the beat to help my pace, but right now I'm taking advice from the WW activity site and starting with creating a daily habit and just enjoying the walk.  So even though it was rainy and cold, I buttoned and hooded up and went out anyway.  My iPod?  It was set to Podcast mode.  All of those many podcasts I never seem to make time to listen to now have a scheduled opportunity to be heard.  Right now I'm fascinated with Alec Baldwin's "Here's the Thing".  He can be quite full of himself (insert comment from Hubby - "you think???")  but  he has a great mind, a beautiful voice, and most importantly - fascinating guests.  

Sunday morning?  Scale was down another .6 pounds.  I am trying not to fool myself this time, so I face the honest truth. That can be misleading because you go up and down a lot between weekly weigh ins...but I take it as a reward for HONESTLY planning my day, my points, and my activities and trying to live the lifestyle instead of treat it as a diet to endure.  When you start to sneak and cheat, the battle is lost.

I'm about to head out for Day most experts will tell you it takes 30 days of repetitive activity to make a new habit, so I have a ways to go.  Weather is cloudy, but dry, and iPod is charged.  I've made a shopping list full of healthy foods that Hubby will take to market...and we're planning one of his delicious roast chickens tonight.  I'll be calculating points on that this afternoon.

Here's to the Zone.  May we always live there.

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Lula said...

Yeah! It is really amazing how different our bodies are now! I feel better in just the 7 weeks I have been back on track. JQ and I went to gym and wow it feels good. Xoxo