Monday, January 31, 2011

January Ends...February Begins...

After Hubby and I successfully hibernated with only our germs for company this weekend, it was back to the grind today.  We both awoke (from our separate bedrooms...yes, still necessary to segregate the germs and the snoring we are BOTH doing right now) and agreed that while we were certainly stir crazy from all those days at home, getting up early to go to work was not a welcome relief.

Especially as I lay in bed listening to the highly repetitive weather report.  Guess what?  More bad news.  I am starting to get that creepy isolation feeling.  That winter-snow-crazy feeling. 

And I'm seriously hating my new car.

Don't get me wrong.  In the summer this car is awesome.  Great sound system, super handling, sun/moon roof, etc.  In the winter...I know I should have bought a 2nd Subaru.  Or at the very least, not taken the lousy $1000 for the trade-in of our Ford Escape.  I would have hated continuing to pay registration and insurance for it, but man I could use that high sitting 4 wheel drive right now.

Our driveway shrinkage has made it nearly impossible for me to find a safe spot to park and still allow our plow service to make any headway with the continuing snow mounds.  After getting stuck half INSIDE and half OUTSIDE the garage after the last storm and having to do some serious Indy-500/Extreme shoveling maneuvering to get unstuck, I'm not loving the idea of more snow and ice.

This morning as I sat in my little low to the ground Nissan coupe, I was also seriously impaired by the mounds of snow at every intersection making pulling into traffic or making a turn a bit of a Russian roulette game.

It's boring.  It's tiresome. It's dangerous.  It's wearing us all down.  No one wants to hear the complaints about bad backs and shoveling, stuck cars, accidents, dangerous falling icicles, etc. 

And the latest forecast...the Ice Storm Cometh.  Bleh.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope the storm(s) leaveth before I get to Erie on 2/16. I have never driven in the snow before. I am worried.

mkosboth said...

After driving my CRV with 4 wheel drive when I need it, I am pretty sure I will never drive another type of car as long as I live in New England. Be safe and April has to arrive eventually. It says so right on my calendar.