Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick, Snow, Snoring, Shattered

Sick.  Hubby has been battling severe sinus infections for the entire month of January.  He's so far gone through two full courses of antibiotics, each resulting in him feeling better, but not 100%, and then a quick boomerang back to a nasty raging illness.  Today Dr. actually asked if he still had tonsils (he doesn't) considering the state of his throat and ears.  Not good.  He's on steroids now, AND antibiotics, with orders to improve, OR ELSE.  The or else being from me AND from Dr. who will send him to ENT specialist next.  I have come down with a much milder version...probably more sympathy pains than anything...and have been milking that for the last two days working a little then napping, then working, then juicing, then working...all from the comforts of home.

Snow.  Working from home and Hubby's illness has had one small blessing - not having to deal with driving and digging out in the snow. Although this last storm didn't give us the quantity that hit nearby NYC (we had 8" while NYC got 16"+), it has piled on top of piles on top of piles such that our driveway has now shrunk to the size of a postage stamp with miniature mountains at every edge.  Today, when trying to be smart and NOT dig out the 4-wheel drive (I know, sounds stupid to me now, but at the time, the little Nissan in the garage without a foot of heavy icy snow sounded easier) in order to drive to Dr. appointment, Hubby managed to get my car pretty thoroughly stuck in the mess on the driveway.  Eventually giving up, he dug out the Subaru and drove through the snow without issue...leaving me to dig out the car.  I'm not complaining about the fact I was left to manage it, just complaining about the G&DDAMN snow in general.  After all, better for me to do than him, since he probably would have spiked a fever and collapsed on the spot from the effort.  As we speak there is a fine flurry in the air that will "just coat the area" we need any more layers, and there are threats of additional snow Tues-Weds of next week.  This has become such a constant here, that I can pick pretty much any show on my DVR recorded since Christmas, watch the weather forecast snippets on the commercial breaks, and feel it is describing the current day's weather.  Enough already.  Jeez.

Snoring.  I never thought we'd be one of those know the ones that sleep in separate beds or separate rooms, but God Almighty the Hubby's snoring has reached new decibels of sleep-penetrating ear piercing noise.  Mostly due to his continuing sinus issues, I'm sure.  We have managed about 4 full nights in the same bed in the last month.  This is not sustainable.  I miss his warmth and the cuddle up before sleep and after the alarm in the morning.  I confess it is easier to get up in the morning without the tempation of that cuddle, but that is the only benefit.  Well, that, and a full night of sleep.

Shattered.   To complete my little illiteration post, is the shattering I've got to hear twice today.  For whatever reason, Kitty potato-head got rambunctious today and managed to shatter not one, but two ceramic keepsakes in our house.  One was a ceramic lantern we purchased at a favorite restaurant on our honeymoon, the other a pink teddy bear planter I remember from my room as a child and use to this day as a holder for pens, pencils, scissors on my desk. Nothing of great fiscal value, but certainly nostalgic.  Oh well.  Just another way to simplify.


JeannetteLS said...

Well, that just plain stinks all around, frankly. Carl that sick, now perhaps you sick, too, the worry at this point. And EVERYTHING Seems tripled this winter by this energy-sapping, gray-making, maze-making, cold-to-the-bone making snow. I can say, How pretty when the sun hits the woods. WHOOPEE. I'll take boring and unbedazzled at this point. Nice touch with calling the breakage simplification... I might not have been so kind. May Carl take a sudden turn for the better which, in turn, makes you better. And may February be very different for all of us from last month. And for HEAVEN'S, sake, I hope neither of you has a superman/woman complex that can cause you harm. Best wishes all around. Going to go curl back under my quilt now and watch kitties be rescued on Animal Planet.

Kate Hanley said...

Sorry to hear about the illness. We're going through a snow thing here in Philly same as you and I'm done with it. My husband snores ALL the time so I'm used to it, I guess. I do smack him when it gets too loud but he's usually not sick when he does.

michiganme said...

Years ago, the house we lived in had a long driveway. In the winter, when heavy snowfall was expected, we often elected to park the cars at the end of the driveway closest to the road (rather than garage). It was less shoveling in the morning before work!

I have always had sinus issues---not fun. I started using a neti pot as well as keeping our home thermostat turned down (so sinus membranes don't dry out) and I have fewer infections every year. Obviously, that won't help his current predicament but maybe next winter?

ajitbiomed said...

blessing for ur hubby.....a nice blog