Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movie Channel Addict

Hubby and I signed up for the movie channel package on cable years ago, once we realized we were paying a hell of a lot just to get the HBO package, and to get umpteen more movie channels it was only a few more dollars.  And I have to say, 90% of our viewing happens on channels 301-399 - the movie channels.  First - no commercials, and can we just say a little Hallelujah to that.  Second - tremendous variety that you can lock into in 90-120 minute intervals. 

However, the downside of this is we end up having seen most of the movies offered pretty quickly and the selection doesn't change up very often.  At that point, we turn to On Demand, and start running through the list of top picks and new releases.  Funny thing about that movie list, I've never heard of a huge portion of them.  And a tip from me, when it says "Same day as theater" it means it is opening and closing on the same weekend because it is BAD.  Don't get sucked in by a good preview.

In the last 6 months, we've happily paid extra to see the "The Girl Who..." Swedish movies with subtitles.  After devouring the first two books, we were entranced by the movies action packed and dramatic intepretation.  The books were excellent, if a little dragging in detail at some points, but the movies, while dropping some key character points, really put the pacing in correctly.  Last night we watched the third and due to the author's untimely death, the final, in the series.  The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  Neither of us had read the book as yet, so the unfolding story line was a totaly surprise to us...and it was really wonderful.

Soon the U.S. versions of these movies will be in production and I wonder how similar or different they will be.  Should we not make it to the theater for these, there is always our little On Demand and movie channel package to help us out.

And maybe someday we'll even get some of those modern things like a flat screen tv with surround sound.


Kate Hanley said...

Loved this post. I read it as I'm contemplating what movie to watch now. Have you tried netflix? You can get some movies streamed instantly to your TV for a small monthly fee, and movies in the mail. Of course, we have netflix and we use On Demand a lot because you can't get everything. One movie I would recommend that did go to On Demand same day as theater was Howl about Allen Ginsberg. I really liked it.

Carl said...

I loved the movies and the two books I read as well. I wonder if the Hollywood look and style will add to or detract from the films in the us. The cinematography was spare and well swedish. I think they will be less when glammed up as Hollywood likes to do. We will have to see. I can say the three swedish subtitled versions were definitely good.

Susan said...

We opted for the same big package - at least for the term of the special price. We have seen some really quirky movies we never would have otherwise. I'll keep the "girl" movies in mind - I read the first book and my husband might like the edgy nature of the characters.

Jane- 2 of 7 said...

I absolutely, loved, LOVED the Stiegg Larsson books and the first two movies. Noomi Rapace is so wonderful. I am waiting to see the third (missed it at the theatres). The first two movies can be streamed from Netflix if you have that ability. I am dreading the American version.