Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Time Wasting - the Photo Essay

Right now I should be leaving to drive home.  Actually, if I were on an 8 hour clock I should have been gone about 3 hours ago...but why dither with details.

So instead, I was just looking through my memory card for some photos of a work event, and found a few gems that generated a little photo essay in my brain.


When you must pay off a bet with your VP and you don't want him to enjoy the winnings. 
Pay it in quarters....a lot of quarters.

When the day is getting nutty and the weather outside is frightful and you just want a walk on the beach.
Imagine the feel of warm sand and cool water on your painted toes.

When you wonder why you work so hard.
Think about how it pays for the things you love.

When you get cocky about living an eensy bit south of your hometown.
Remember what one good blizzard can do to your driveway and you are the only one with a shovel.

When you think about how much you love those fashion boots with the high heels.
Remember how much MORE you love warm toes and good footing on a snowy day.

When you think about picking out just the right shade of blush.
Remember how the whipping wind from a blizzard as you shovel out can give you a natural glow.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That light while your husband is painting is just beautiful.

Kate Hanley said...

I agree with Jen about the light, very nice. Love the parts about snow. Having grown up in Vermont, it's fun to to watch people here in Philly deal with the snow. I don't think High Heel fashion boots exist in Vermont. : )

Anonymous said...

And your natural glow is glorious. Thank you for these, Wendy, they brightened up my day considerably, especially because snow is threatened for this afternoon.