Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is a challenge right?

So after my successful positive day yesterday, this is how it went.

Stopped at colleague/friends desk to say good night and got an earful and an eyeful that told me she is EXACTLY where I was before my BE POSITIVE initiative. 

Hit traffic snarl on way home...due to drivers rubbernecking something that wasn't blocking any lanes at all.

Hubby sick and curled up on couch looking and feeling miserable.

Slept in guest room to avoid germs and heavily snoring sick spouse. 

Arrive today (again close to 8AM!) to find place in an uproar.  No details, just suffice it to say, everyone was back from their last holiday time off with a vengeance.

Cranky co-workers.

Technical failures.

IT professionals off the grid.

Long conference calls with long-winded people requiring me to literally YELL "WAIT JUST A MINUTE PLEEEAAASSSEE!" into the receiver after 10 solid minutes of talk and no pause for comment.

Bombardment of tasks.

Critical view of calendar that looks impossible.

Coddling of MERGER partners to ensure no one gets bent over not being included in everything.

Group holiday party scheduled for this Thursday night....and no one in a party mood. 

Now...I'm not complaining about these things.  I'm just saying.  This is a challenge to my initiative to BE POSITIVE right?  You're testing my resolve right? 

Let me assure you that on Day 2 I'm not yet willing to give up, but I'm getting a healthy dose of what it will take to stay on this road.


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I feel you. There are times I am sorry I named my blog Mrs. Brightside!!!