Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hot Potatoes

Welcome to Hot Potato day.

One Potato: Thinking I was meeting with a colleague to align her tasks with mine, I quickly became aware that it was actually a meeting where she was trying to PASS her tasks to me. Oh.No.Sister. I don't play that way. You must cook and eat your own potato. Your potato is too hot for me.

Two Potato: Having inherited a task that does not belong on my desk, my staff's desks, or even my group's desks, I tried to meet with others who shared the "grey area" around this job. It became quickly evident that this project has been orphaned and while critical for the company, no group and no person will adopt it. Poor orphan. This hot potato is still jumping until it finds a home.

Three Potato: Quick deadline request. This was my OLD job. But I still get the potato. Today's potato could get us a $500k job for only 1.5 hours work. Think I can get commission on a well-cooked potato?

Four Potato: New task came to me - how to sort out a multi-national project report on revenues, costs, profits, and sales. Every question I asked to get clarification (keeping in mind I failed out of accounting in college and am going by my years of experience in checkbook management here) yielded this response: "Hmmmm, good question...I haven't really thought that one out yet." Have you ever noticed how hard it is to bake an unripened potato?

Five Potato: Received an email from my professors today with suggestions on how to structure my final report and presentation which is due this weekend. Hello. I already planted, harvested, and am just finalizing the cooking of my potato now...why are you sending me back to the planting stage?

Enough already. Keep your hands off my potatoes and I'll keep mine off yours.


Mrs. G. said...

Wenderina, I admire all your potatoes. You are a capable woman who knows her stuff.

AmyBow said...

f the baked potatoes - I think you should make french fries! If you are going to have so many potatoes lying around you might as well find a way to enjoy them.

KiKi said...

Yes - F it all. I'll meet you at mickey d's.

A's Mom said...

Oh, so now you can write juggler in your resume as well. And chef too! I hate unripened potatoes!

Stephanie said...

I'm with amybow and kiki. French fries... or maybe Kettle Chips. Hmmm, tough decision.

Good job on launching those potatoes right back, though. Otherwise you get completely burned out from all the starch! :)

Anonymous said...

You can add me to the french fry bandwagon.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Call me when it's tater tot day please.