Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Wow - I've been off line for a few days now...so a quick blog of random items.

Family came and went. Of the weekend, Friday was best day - and when I went to bed so happy to have had a laughter filled evening, hubby wisely said..."well, that was undoubtedly the high point...now we'll stare at each other for a couple more days..."

Performance anxiety. Today I had to give out three more evaluations. I wimped out a bit on the harsh criticism after last week. Funny how different the view is from either side of the evaluation form.

Rich woman-poor woman. I was wondering why my pocketbook felt so empty...then I reviewed all the stockpiled expense receipts in my bag and found I was owed $3800. I'm sure I'm actually owed more, but who can keep track of all those little expenses. As long as I get back the big bucks for the hotels and multi-person meals, I'm cool...and so is hubby to recoup those visa bills!

DVR overdrive. With all the hours we've been working our DVR is running near capacity. I foresee some marathons in my future. I think I can schedule something in on .... December 26?

BFF. How funny is it that Shari had to send me a specific note to let me know she gave me an award on her blog? My self-obsession must be slipping that I didn't even catch my own name in her post... Thanks Shari! As my hubby says, you are "cosmicly (comicly) linked" with me!

Overused phrases: I have to protest. I love a good trendy term as much as the next person, but this "That's how I roll" thing is getting out of hand. I don't think there is anywhere I haven't heard it. It reminds me of the old valley girl craze back when I was but a little chicky in highschool and I was taken with the "gag me with a spoon" phraseology. Ugh!

Too Many Acronyms. Okay, I work in a consulting firm that serves the government. I'm fully aware of the penchant for shortening everything to the simplest acronym. I find it particularly painful when the nicey-nice person who works with me and would NEVER swear in front of me...a GIRL... but often says NFW like we don't know there is a four-letter word in the middle. And I had just gotten used to LMAO and now there is LQTM. Thank god that Google can help me search out definitions for these. I wonder if we have the power to begin a new acronym here on my blog? One of my friend T's favorites is SFPs. Stupid Fucking People. Now that is an acronym worth using.

Last Random Thought. A tribute to my hubby (yet again) who not only cooked up a storm for a house full of my family this weekend, but he was patient and lovable host, photographer extraordinaire, and beer brewer professor all in one. Who could ask for more?


That Chick Over There said...

What a nice husband!

(I'm ignoring the part of your post about overly used catchphrases because I am ever so guilty of that all the time)

Jude said...

I ssecond the hubby praise!! he is a keeper!

A's Mom said...

And we had a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for everything! Can't wait to do it again... okay maybe not with so many people next time. (Sorry this post is a little late)