Sunday, October 14, 2007

Forgiveness and Celebration

Oct 14, 2007. 18th wedding anniversary. All is forgiven.

The Hallmark Card from Hubby
For my Wonderful Wife.
I just can't imagine my life if I had never met you, fallen in love,
and been smart enough to know you were the one...

I could never do without the big and little things you do daily
to delight me, surprise me, and make me happy.

Give me forever, and I still couldn't find the words
to tell you all the ways you make my life complete...

But there's one thing I can do and do very well...
and that's love you with all my heart.

This was one of the best cards ever.

And when I said, "I'm so glad you think you were smart to fall for me"...Hubby quickly responded, "Yeah, well, I bought the card before yesterday."

Luckily this interchange ended in a laugh and our 19th year of marriage began.

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