Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Family Update

Thanks to all who have expressed care/concern for my family in southern CA. As of this moment, I'm happy to report, all are safe and sound and fires seem to be avoiding their homes and properties.

Sister J: She's the coolest. When school was cancelled so she didn't have to teach, she and a colleague went to stores to try and get donations of craft and activity/toys for kids in shelters to keep them active and busy.

Brother T: His home, wife and 2 boys are safe. He is now tracking his wife's family who are in the Hyatt and hoping they have a home when fires are done.

Sister M: Um...safe...sound...I'm grateful and happy. Continuing strange behavior including being more interested in why tv shows are being pre-empted by the news...???

Other clan members...packing and heading my way. My anxiety has lessened and my excitement has peaked. Can't wait to see my gorgeous great-nephew and the rest of the clan in 3 days!