Monday, October 22, 2007

Drawing a Blank (and other random thoughts)

Today was my first day back in my office for a while - I've been in travel mode most of the month. So I came to work thinking I have SO much work to do....and I filled my day...but not sure what I worked on? (I hate that feeling!)

I have been drawing a lot of blanks lately when it comes to making my list of things to do. This puts me in full reactive mode, which is never good, but which delights my last minute "clients" (aka colleagues at work) because the minute they send me an email or give me a call I immediately switch to work on their job...cuz my memory? a total blank...and I cannot remember what the hell else I'm supposed to be doing!!!

Family Update:

Today in southern California there are massive wildfires. I have 3 siblings living there. My brother T is being evacuated from his home. My sister J had the school she teaches at close down due to air quality problems. My other sister M? The one I don't get sometimes? yeah ... she's at the movies with her husband (FYI - he is a federal fire-fighter...and he's going to the movies)... Yeah, I still don't get her.

All the news are saying - stay at home, listen to news, be ready to move, etc....our brother is already evacuating ... and she? is at the movies.

Big sister J and I? We are just shaking our heads at it all.

Good grief.


Mrs. Booms said...

Oh... I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers, lady!!!

I know what you mean about being reactive!!! I hate that feeling too.

Mrs. Booms said...

Of course we're still buds... I pretty much agreed with everything you said... And I totally think of it as my right to complain in this term as well. So sick of it.

Haley said...

Thanks for the advice. I thought I was so ready for this and it turns out I'm just not ready for the seriousness.

I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts as well. I watched the news all day at work today and it's so terrible what is happening in CA.