Saturday, April 7, 2012

Don't drive angry...

...and don't grocery shop hungry. Two rules to live by.

Today's weigh in went well. Down 2 pounds and 3.8 total. In true WW style losing 1-2 pounds per week is the average expectation. And my reward? A little pop up on my iPad saying. "good job!! Keep up the good work." AND???? One less point per day allowed.

Did my walking today...another gorgeous spring day...and then headed to grocery store. Oh me oh my. To be in the A&P when you are starving. Don't get me wrong. I had eaten sensibly today. But man I was hungry.

Nearly $300 later, I departed the store with only those foods that suit a healthy lifestyle...but hungrier and crankier than ever. As I reluctantly put all the food in the cupboard and fridge instead of in my mouth, I carefully made my selection. Thinking about all the times that a candy bar grabbed at the checkout line was my typical post shopping snack, I placed my selection on the coffee table for us to share.

And we chowed down. Like two starved refugees we dove into the food.

A tray of cut veggies with a tiny amount of ranch dip.

Such a treat.

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GuysKnowHow said...

Nice post, I suffer from both driving when angry and shopping when hungry, and both have ended in disaster.

Thanks for sharing