Friday, April 6, 2012


What a whirlwind week I've had.  This is not really an unusual thing in my life...yet it constantly amazes me when I get to Friday and look back and think...that was only 5 days?  I'm not going to talk work right now though...because technically I'm on my lunch break....and I worked until 10PM last night...and I'll likely be working this weekend...and right now I just want to avoid all thoughts of it.

Morning Walks.  I'm proud to state that I arose this morning...still battling the start time goal...and took my walk.  This is a whole week of morning walking my friends...and a first in my life to prioritize myself and my activity goal over sleep, over work, over every possible distraction.  I would like to thank the goddess of Spring weather for cooperating.  Other than a little mistiness on Saturday, each morning was a glorious sunny day that countered any arguments I might have made to forego the activity.  I've met lots of nice dogs and their owners this week, smiled awkwardly when repeatedly passing the same people at the walking track 8 times in a row, and listened to some interesting podcasts.  I even managed to wear the track pants I bought several years ago that had never even had the tags removed until now.

Nightly Routines.  I think I have developed a new routine of lunch packing which should not only help my waistline, but also my pocketbook.  I was easily spending $10/day on food/drink at the $50/week is now reallocated to our grocery bill...which is definitely increasing with the cost of all those healthy foods.  I come in the door at night and before I even take off my coat I pull items out of the cupboard and fridge and pack them in our lunchbags with a list of the WW points values.  Hubby's bag is filled double to mine since he is allowed nearly TWICE the points I am.  Sometimes I hate men.  But then again, he also has a longer road to travel to get to his goal I'm here to support every point he is allowed to eat to keep him full and satisfied for the long haul.

Cooking for Dummies.  I hard boiled eggs this week.  I think it is only the 3rd time in my life I've done it.  I actually had to look up how to do it (I know Mom....I failed you in the kitchen genes that's for sure!).  I was proud that I did it when I said I would and loaded up a bowl to have in the fridge for breakfast or lunch options.  The first egg I peeled though I realized that although I had followed the directions in "Cooking for Dummies" (no lie) explicitly...the egg yolks were not fully cooked.  Now technically, this is not an issue, since I love me some runny yolks to dip my toast in...but when you are counting on a hard boiled egg..having a dark orange sticky center is not what you are expecting.  After gazing at it for a moment I had an epiphay.  Eat the whites! It is less fattening...and why would you spend points on something you don't want to eat?  Voila.

TGIF - PIZZA!!! Tonight is traditionally pizza night for us.  We catch up on movies of DVR'd shows...fill one another in on our week's highs and lows, plan the weekend, and chow on pizza and wings.  Tonight we'll go to the specialty brick oven shop again, get the small pizza, the grilled veggies, skip the wings and the extra large pan pizza, and I'm sure we'll be happy.  Because, have you noticed, how AWESOME things taste when you are actually hungry? 

What's your Hunger Level? While reading a WW article, I came across this neat little tip.  If, when you wake up in the morning, you are truly may need to eat more in the evening.  If, 30 minutes after you wake up you are NOT are eating too much the night before.  Ideally, your body should be looking for fuel about 30 minutes into your day.  Who knew?  All these years I've been claiming I'm not a morning eater because I'm not hungry, when actually it has been all about my bad habit of late night dinner and snacking?  Now that I'm doing WW and walking, I find I am often hungry enough to eat a light breakfast before work.  You learn something new every day.

TGIF.  And don't's also Yankees Opening Day!!!!

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