Monday, April 23, 2012

The Post NOT About Weight Loss goes...what ELSE is my life about other than absolute obsession with weight loss right now? 

Let's talk about moods.  How they affect us, how they affect others...the sheer contagion of them.  Lately, I've made a concerted effort to respond to my boss with a very "can-do" tone of voice.  In the last few years I have definitely exposed my stress monster to him - which he is ok with - but I know he is in love with when I answer, "Ok, we'll figure it out" and then come back with a plan. 

Essentially, this works for me too, because the former process was me answering, "When the F? are we supposed to get this thing done and how can we accomplish our scheduled work, when we keep having to do this BS stuff that some guy in a vacuum came up with?"  And then...after spouting that...I have to come around to "Ok we'll figure it out" and then come back with a plan.

So...why go through the venting which gets me nowhere and gets him to sighing loudly...when the end result is exactly the same thing?  And usually, when I come up with my plan?  That's where I brilliantly curtail the level of effort, shift it to another team, postpone it based on the schedules of OTHERS we need to involve, etc.  So I usually get close to my own way (and he does too), if I just move on to the plan stage.

Also, I think I've been a nicer wife lately.  No reason, I've just generally been less snappish about the little things.  I think it's part of that contagion effect.  Less battling at work, means less taking it out on hubby at home. 

Maybe it's even the walking in the morning.  It is nice to start my day committed to something that is just for me.  As much as I hate the alarm going off...I am loving walking around listening to my favorite tunes or podcasts for 30-45 minutes....strolling back in the house -- knowing I'm soooo late for my work day to start -- and saying the hell with it and eating a bowl of special k with fresh blueberries while I check and return some emails. 

Then I climb the stairs with the "zing-zing" feeling still in my leg muscles and jump in the shower.  I take the time to shave my legs AND shampoo twice AND use conditioner.  I emerge in a bathroom filled with steam and casually check and return emails again.  I dress, make-up, and style hair and then one more email check before heading out.  By now, I'm REALLY late, but hey, I've already read and replied to about 67 emails, so if I show up at 10AM, just in time for my first meeting of the day, I've technically put in an hours worth of work in between my me time, right?  Well, that's what I've convinced myself of at least.

And you know, I think it is working for me...and my moods. 


AmyBow said...

FYI - if you work until 9 at night (which I know you do), going in at 10 is cool. Although going in at 10 is cool if you work until 7 too...

Ian Lidster said...

It's so pleasing to read about your means of taking your life back. Good for you. Can you come and talk to my wife? That'd work nicely around here as a means of weaning her off some of her self-imposed obligations.

And thanks for dropping by my blog. Was so nice to see you again.