Monday, September 10, 2007

School Days, Work Days

I survived my first weekend of school - surprisingly well. As long as I can avoid the math classes I fear so deeply, I think I might actually make this thing work. Today is Monday and I am now back at work. Officially, and fully, back at work. It is 9:15pm and I just finished some of my "important" tasks and am now prepping to go home.

My question of the day is - will I ever change? Will I ever be able to leave work at 5PM or somewhere near it? Do I want to change is probably the question most of my friends would say to me... Truth is I love the people I work with and wouldn't give up the talk-time I spend at work just brainstorming, sharing professional and personal challenges, etc. But what I would like to change is my ability to focus and complete key tasks and re-prioritize or distribute the others. Maybe then I could leave by 7pm?

Like my hero Scarlett always said, "Tomorrow is another day."


AmyBow said...

I think the struggle is finding people you are confident in to hand stuff off to. You might actually end up working more if you passed stuff off to incompetent people. The problem is that you are too good and you have to much pride to delegate when you think (know) you could do it better.

That being said, screw 'em all and just start leaving at 6.

Wenderina said...

I only trust you! and you don't want to do what I need! Catch 22????

jlsipner said...

the world is made up of incompetent people....but trust more than one...and yes...screw them all...leave at 6...any earlier you will hit too much traffic!