Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas

Today I wore all brown...and I looked like shit.

Dressing all in one solid color is not unusual for me. But the classy monochromatic look I was going for was seriously hampered by my bad execution.
  • Faux Pas #1: I couldn't find any stockings or brown tights. So I wore brown socks. Hubby's brown socks to be precise. Um. Yeah.
  • Faux Pas #2: Brown socks don't really go well with heels. So I wore these scuffed up brown flats that look like men's loafers. Can you say Fashion Don't?
  • Faux Pas #3: My brown pants don't fit. I mean seriously DO NOT fit. I didn't realize this until I was already late for work and had no other options without starting over. So I wore them. With the top button undone, and the zipper open for the top inch. I comforted myself by eating a package of ding dongs this afternoon. But it's ok - I drank Diet Pepsi to counter the Ding Dong calories.
  • Faux Pas #4: My brown turtleneck sweater worked. Except for all the fuzz and pills that typically accompany any sweater I've had for more than 5 minutes. Sigh.
  • Faux Pas #5: My brown blazer is just plain old ugly. It seemed like a good buy when I got it. And like most "good buys" its cheapness of style and cut really comes out when you have to actually wear it.
So the best I can say about my outfit today is - it kept me warm on a blustery fall day and luckily the pants didn't explode or fall to my ankles.

I'll live to accessorize another day.


Boogaloo Dude said...

We really are soul sisters. You have no idea.

I wore all brown once about four years ago and someone told me I looked like a California raisin.

Mrs. G. said...

I have been known to wear my husband's socks in moments of laundry desperation. It sounds like you needed a colorful scarf to pep things up.

That said, don't listen to me. I have absolutely no sense of fashion.

Unknown said...

Admittedly, Diet Coke came out my nose when I read about the Ding Dongs. I thought I was totally the ONLY person on earth that could actually counter the calories in whatever I'm eating with a diet beverage. It's Diet Coke for me, but I'm sure that it offsets that Egg McMuffin I had for breakfast.

And I have one pair of black pants? That have no button at all. I just wear a long shirt. I'm sure your outfit was actually smashing. It's just all of those terrible ads... :)