Sunday, November 4, 2007

Je Suis Finis!

That's "I am finished!" for all you non-frenchies out there. I finished my final term paper of my first graduate studies course. Hurrah for me! I honestly didn't think I was going to make it last night when I was struggling through the MLA standards for footnotes and you KNOW how many years it has been since I had to annotate my writing????

I was sorely tempted to blog last night INSTEAD of doing my paper, but for once I put the right priority first. The trick was going straight to my office from school at 5PM. I worked there until almost 9PM to complete it. I knew if I went home there'd be all kinds of rationalizations and distractions and I'd be up all night procrastinating (which I could not afford since I was dead tired already). I worked by the reward system - a pizza and my bed awaited me when done. It would be guilt free since I would be done. I swear I was almost in tears trying to get the bibliography and footnotes done. There is supposed to be an automated function on the college library website, but I couldn't login or get it to work and although the college was only a few miles away, I was just too tired to deal with going over. Thank God for Google. I found an on-line guide and did it the old-fashioned way.

My reward system went a little askew because the pizza joint actually closed before we could put in an order. Bummer. So it was a can of soup and some crackers for dinner. But the bed was still warm and cozy and ready for me as soon as I had eaten. Then the extra bonus!!!!

No, not that....I don't blog about my sex life....

Daylight Savings Fall Back!! One glorious extra hour of sleep. I cannot even express how much I needed those extra 60 minutes this week. We have been full throttle for about a month now and we were both at the end of our ropes. The pizza thing almost broke us....truly...a pizza...

This work week looks like another crazy one. And the paperwork for my next semester now lies in my bookbag. Ugh.

Wouldn't you love to be a full-time student again, floating by on your parent's dime? (or even on the bank didn't realize then the pain you'd have after school). My biggest challenge in college was how to get my next 4 pack of Bartles & James wine coolers. As I walked through campus this afternoon I saw so many students lounging around outside, taking in a soccer game, sharing a boyfriend-girlfriend moment on a bench, laughing their way to the college pub for lunch. Ah, those were the days.

I can't complain. I have a good life, and my hubby is a true partner. We struggle sometimes to fit it all in and still have the downtime we need (I am a true couch potato at heart!), but we manage.

And that Fall Back thing...saved my sanity this week.
Thanks Ben (Franklin)!
Excellent Idea.

I'm headed to the couch with hubby. We have DVR viewing to do, fresh-baked cookies to eat, and a sweet couch to stretch out on. Ahhhhhh.......

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AmyBow said...

Congrats on finishing your class! You are such a superstar.

I am sitting in my financial management class right now thinking that if I finish this program in 8 years it would be a miracle...