Thursday, November 29, 2007

Punishment for Freddie

So, I'm being punished. It must have been the Freddie post.

Blogger is not allowing me to post my totally funny and inspired message connected with a youtube vid. I've tried 10 times - no luck.

And I've got some kind of "error on page" message. (Kiki - help! it's code!!!)

Plus it looks like half of my header is cut off.

In Addition (or rather not in addition) - my counter has dropped from 140+ to 16 - WTF????


I'll try again tomorrow.


Mrs. G. said...

These are the kind of problems that remind me that we had never do away with a pencil and paper. You know what I mean?

That Chick Over There said...

Blogger= Weird as crap.

I don't know it does this stuff.

KiKi said...


Let this be a lesson to you... lol.

Sure, I'd love to help, pass the code along.

Wenderina said...

Mrs G: You are SO RIGHT. This is why I find it hard to live a "green" life. No faith in the paperless society. On a side note - did you keep a listing of the over 40 gang from NaBloPoMo? They took the site down and I wanted to grab a few more links for my blogroll.

Chick: Yup. A few more days like yesterday and I'll be moving to wordpress.

Kiki: We'll do the code thing monday. Thanks! Great lunch today.

Unknown said...

No, Blogger is just mad that you keep spelling your crush wrong. It's FREDDIE. ;)))

Wenderina said...

Aimee: Yikes! How did I not know that? Thanks for the correction - you'll note I've changed in my posts!