Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend, I hardly knew ye.

Damn. Weekends go by way too fast. I'm increasingly frustrated by the rapid flow of time. How is it possible that it nearing midnight Sunday - and the weekend is gone?

And what did I accomplish this weekend?

Blogger Heaven. I spent about 4-5 hours on the internet this weekend - reading blogs, surfing NaBloPoMo, generally getting lost in the web.

A Gathering of Friends. We were greeted at the door by Mr. B. He captured the last several months since we have seen or talked to them this way: "Let's get through this quickly, my surgery went fine, work is crazy, and my birthday last month was great." Ugh. Glad we showed up with his favorite - a bottle of SoCo - to make up for our "un"friendly behavior.

Making the Move. Today, I met these same friends at a house they are considering buying (Hubby was a little the worse for wear due to the SoCo). Other than the fact that the current owners seem to think that their 4 bedroom colonial is actually a villa in tuscany - complete with pillars, corbels, golden sponge paint, and brass/glass pocket doors, it should be the perfect home for them. I can't wait to see Mrs. B's stamp on it.

Starbucks - Oh the Joy! I stopped at Starbucks on the way back home and got the VENTI mocha frappacino (not the light one!) While waiting, I saw that they have the box gift set of the Listening is An Act of Love book/audio book/bonus book. Score! A direct source for great holiday gift. Plus, they were playing my charlie brown holiday music - gotta love the messages I'm being given about getting into the holiday spirit.

VPNs - the Beauty and the Bane. The wonder of home hookup to work networks. I was firmly ensconced on one laptop, hubby on another, and his nextel went off about 50 times. Much of today was lost to company business.

Holiday, What Holiday? Maybe this is the real story of weekends. They aren't really weekends anymore. They are week-recovery and work-catchup days. Tomorrow is veteran's day. A national holiday. Hubby and I will both be working, our companies don't recognize the holiday.

So Long (Short) Weekend. The clock keeps ticking, getting closer to facing that alarm bell in the morning. So I best get to sleep. Unless of course, hubby (much smarter and already in bed) is snoring.

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Hi. These days I'm BGG on Wordpress. I haven't bothered with all the fun of my name here the way I have there.

And, this weekend is almost over. I'm almost crushed by having gotten so little done. Oh well. Things work that way.