Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spotlight on My Favorites

I've been growing my favorites list through NaBloPoMo. If you are on the list, please do not fear my stalker-ish behavior. I'm NOT a stalker.


I guess a stalker would probably say that too.

But really. I'm not.

I'm an avid reader and I've turned my book habit into a blog habit which means I must read a blog end to end like a book. I mean I wouldn't read the last chapter of a book first, would I? Hell no.

So, what happens is - you'll suddenly see lots of comments appearing in your blog in batches...starting earliest post to latest...and you may open your mailbox and be like, "Whoa, who's this crazy stalker chick Wenderina???" Well, if I'm still commenting I'm your newest fan and I'm trying to catch up on your chapters.

Hope those of you who have stumbled on me from NaBloPoMo or elsewhere will enjoy this brief "blog review" on my latest favorites.

My Favorite Blogs
60 Piggies: I was first captured by her incredible photography. Then her poetry. And finally by the beautiful simplicity of her stories. She has an elegance combined with an earthiness that is hard to find.

Catch Her in the Wry: Ah, Prairie Gourmet helps ground me in the world of workaholics. She gets the career drive but also teaches me about balance. She has interesting world views and gives great insights into topics of today.

CrazyManJones: My little sister stolen from my home at birth. There is definitely some serious cosmic connection here. Wish I had been in her life when she lost Jadon Riley, but so honored that she shared him with me in her own time.

Deadpan: New blog - found through NaBloPoMo. Wanda captured me as soon as I hit her site. Her subtitle is One woman’s struggle to find life’s meaning and Orlando Bloom’s phone number. If that didn't make you laugh you're not human. And...she calls me SOUL SISTER. Love it!

Derfwadmanor: Another NaBloPoMo. I joined Mrs. G's KickAss Forty and Beyond Blogging Group. Mrs. G shares my love of NPR - which hasn't come out in my blog yet...strangely enough..., has a secret crush on a pirate, and gives good advice on women's health issues.

Flagged for Follow Up: Also new...found on a surfing expedition. This has a much different flavor than most of my blogs, but had some topical info and great video posts, and gave me a view of a bigger world out there that I'd like to see more of.

Glam Granola: Her husband goes by Pedro. She can poke fun at herself. She likes glitter for girls night out. She shared a killer recipe for molasses cookies that I am totally making for the holidays.

Greeblemonkey: New too! Another find on NaBloPoMo. CREATIVE woman. Painting, photography, it all. AND she shares cool German recipes that are easy enough for a non-chef like me to consider making. Last but not least - she's a U2 fan...oh know I'm listening to them right now.

Haley's Random Thoughts: My OTHER lost baby sister. Living a part of her life (graduating from college, embarking on career, looking for love) that I remember so well. Her spirit and humor captures my imagination...and my nostalgic soul.

Jason..for the Love of: That Chick needs no promotion from me. But nonetheless - READ HER BLOG. She is astounding. And she regularly gets like 30+ comments a post. She is "Big" on the Net.

Pacing the Cage: Sheila is an author and is blogging by the order, mind you...and she's up to "V". I wonder if she'll start over again at A when she finishes?

Stephanie's Place: A mom, step-mom, wife with real parenting challenges. I connect with Stephanie because of growing up myself in the 2nd household of a man who had divorced his first wife and had parenting challenges with his 4 kids from that union. Unfortunately those kids - my (half) siblings - suffered a lot because of the acrimonious relationship. I'm thinking Stephanie's story is turning out better.

Temporary?Insanity: Sweet, mother, writer, bibliofile. I bought a book she recommended and can't wait to start it so we can share reviews.

Urban Pedestrian: A little edgier than my usual fare. A good balance to all the sweet family tales and connections I've made. She captured my interest with some blogging Q&A and I totally love her viewpoint on tv, fidelity, and all things Canada.

View From the Passenger Seat: Personal friend and colleague. She instigated my blogging - damn her - like I needed something else to keep me up all night. And I love her. She's a gift in my life.


These are my current bbf's...


That Chick Over There said...

I'm not really big on the internet, but thank you for saying that anyway.

Unknown said...

Aww, thanks so much for the nice words! :)))

Catch Her in the Wry said...

You may not be a stalker, but you have admitted being a lurker. :)Thanks for coming clean!

Yes, we workaholics understand one another. That's why I enjoy reading your posts too. Your complimentary plug was appreciated.

Boogaloo Dude said...

Thanks for the plug Wenderina! And guess what? My friend Bongo (he's going by the name Bobby Goat Gruff nowadays) gave you a plug too after he found you on my thread. Yay for you!

AmyBow said...

Look at you - the popular kid on the blog. Does this mean as your official hanger-oner I get to seem cool by association?

You aren't a stalker, but you are very thoughtful, giving an explanation of your favs. That is very sweet.

nic said...

Stalkers are my favorite people.

Bless you.

Unknown said...

Hey Wenderina! Thanks for saying I'm one of your faves. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I'm glad we connected. I look forward to reading more of your stories, too.